Monday, January 18, 2016

Winx Club Finale: Princess Aisha/Layla

Layla (better known as Aisha in the English Dub), is the sixth member of the Winx Club. She was first seen in the most epic debut scene ever: climbing up the side of a mountain to rescue Pixies. She is a very capable fighter, going toe to toe with enemies in close combat. She is the Princess of Andros, and she comes from a long line of royalty. She was once engaged to a sorcerer named Nabu, but he died when saving everyone in the Magix Dimension. Aisha still fights with the Winx Club, and no matter the challenge, she never backs down.

Aisha is another one of my favorite Winx Club Fairies. She is feisty, fiery (contradictory to her water powers, I know), and always ready for anything. She is also athletic and caring. You'd have to tend to her after a workout to get to her sweaty feet, which she could easily make you worship. But try and get on her bad side, and she could dominate you with her feet and force you to worship them instead. The possibilities to be at her feet are endless. I hope you liked my last Winx Club post. I'll be doing more. If you want to see a girl's feet be posted on here, please let me know, and I shall try to get the right pics for the girl you want. Until my next post, see you guys soon!

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