Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wonder Woman (Mega-Post)

Okay closing out the comic book girls crossover with style, here is a tribute to the classic Superheroine Wonder Woman. I do a lot of juggling on this blog posting various animated girls, Comic book girls, movie girls and some occasional live action women. This time get all of the above. Enjoy Everyone!!
Movie Wonder Woman

My jaw dropped when Match25 showed me this...this POV stomp is hot!!

Man Deimos is a lucky villain getting abused by Wonder Woman's feet like that. :-D

Live Action Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter is massively hot!!

Comic Book Wonder Woman

For those not following the comics, Diana's costume recently got redesigned to the above look (Drawn by Jim Lee) I don't know about you guys but I like Diana's classic look better maybe cause she shows off her legs. :-)

Circe and Diana barefoot in the same picture is really too much awesomeness. :-)

Diana always seem like a Goddess to me. However in one storyline she actually becomes one of the Olympian Gods taking on the role of the Goddess of Truth (naturally). ^_^

Justice League Animated Wonder Woman

Footwear Stripping is hot!!

(A lot of different sources for this post. Caps come from the Wonder Woman Movie, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, the Justice League episode Maid of Honor, and issues 113, 120-22, 126-127 as well as various webfinds throughout the web including artwork from Stanley Lau and Greg Horn. Massive thank yous to Kensuke, Frederick, Jay Jay, Richfeet, the Sole Keeper, King Uta and Juancho for tipping me off to various scenes in these as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping the bulk of these images. He really worked very hard on these. ^_^)

Here is a little bit more of Diana from a tribute a while back. :-D

Wonder Woman is probably one of the most recognizable heroines and she definitely deserves to be. She's strong, beautiful, powerful and has a good heart. There is a natural dominating quality to her that makes her an ideal character for foot worship fantasies especially the dominating kind. In addition to super strength, speed, flight and invulnerability I think she probably also has the ability make a person recognize that his place in life is to worship her feet with a single piercing stare.

Earlier this year...there was some talks of a live action series involving Wonder Woman starring Adrianne Palicki as the title character. The series didn't make it past the pilot stage but one interesting thing was that when the producers released a design of Wonder Woman depicting her in blue boots instead of red, the fan backlash was so strong that the producers actually redesigned her costume's footwear to give fans what they wanted. (You can read an article about it here). It just goes to show you how important Wonder Woman's boots are to her fans and how much attention they pay to her feet.

Ok guys moving is the crossover's final
Comic Book Interactive Overhaul Status
I really have to give a massive thank you to His Divine Shadow for writing some really great storylines involving Polaris, Miss Martian (and her 12 sisters) and the beautiful assassin Cheshire's feet. I also want to thank Kodo and Pendleberry for adding as well. I also added a couple of new trophies to the interactive for those that like a challenge bring the total number to seven so far. :-D Though this is the last of the crossovers, I'm not done updating the interactive just yet and I'm working on some new chapters and story arcs. I also have a lot of other comic book girls to tribute so you'll see more of them in the future as well. :-D

Alright...One last round of...
Seeing as how this is a Wonder Woman tribute, it seems appropriate to add to do at least one story involving her.

Justice League: Wonder Woman's Rampage by Qwertyers
This is a fun domination storylines in this one. The premise is that Wonder Woman being upset with the death of her mother, develops special powers and goes on a rampage seeking revenge. Some really great chapters involving Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Giganta and Huntress dominating male heroes with their feet. :-D

Speaking of Qwertyers...another hot interactive recently released is his
Animation GTS and Domination Interactive
I can't remember if I spotlighted this story before...definitely not in the immediate past,
This story has a great combination of domination and gts storylines involving a variety of Anime and cartoon women. Storylines include May making Ash her insole, the Dark Magician girl forcing Yugi to worship her feet. Tea, Mai and Serenity dominating the Yugioh guys and Chi Chi and Bulma dominating Krillin. Good stuff!!

Continuing to make the spotlights for the third consecutive entry is...
Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion by Breakthewalls
I know that I'm a little bit biased considering that I requested the Flannery story arc that I keep pointing out here but it really is very good. Breakthewalls really delivered an awesome story involving the Hot Laveridge gym leader. The latest chapter involves finally getting to worship Flannery's feet after being vigorously teased them for a long time. Talk about a hot payoff.

In addition to that I'd also like to spotlight Melroser's new interactive again.
Smelly Ninja/Kunoichi Feet
Always did have a crush on Taki so to see an storyline involving her using her smelly feet to dominate someone is really amazing. Thank you so much for writing it Melroser. ^_^

Ok...that's going to do it for now. As usual...more to come soon. :-D


  1. Damn! Now I really gotta see this movie!

  2. Mega Post My ASS! It's a Giga-Post. A Sexy Giga post. I don't aproove of you spotlighting live actresses. But I do love the Animated scenes.

  3. WOW! Pure awesomeness Ksc! It seems that Wonder Woman can retain her sexiness in every form she can take: animated, comic, live action... The animated movie seems really awesome, I'll try to take a look at it. Eh, such classic comic scenes..too bad we don't have more modern depiction of WW barefoot, such a shame! And I have to say I loved the Lynda Carter pics...pure sexiness! Those pics are so hot! Never had the chance to see pics of her feet but I can say they are really worth the charcter she is impersonating!REALLY THANKS for such an awesome and detailed post: covering all the barefoot hotness of WW in EVERY form is really a great feat! Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. The Wonder Woman animated movie has the best fight barefoot scene in the history of animation ever.

  5. Oh my god, you've outdone me completely-John Byrne Wonder Woman, plus others from animation and a little bit of Lynda Carter! I think that I might quit, seeing what you've assembled here and in other posts. Way to go, KSC!

  6. I agree,that POV stomp is the best! I always thought Wonder Woman had some really pretty feet!

  7. Thanks very much guys. ^_^ I'm really glad all of you enjoyed this post. :-D

  8. You know, Wonderwoman"s fight is similar to Chun Li's fight, especially when she kick him though the wall. Watch both fight back to back you'll see the similarities.

    Good megapost KSC. I was waiting for thi one.

  9. Thanks very much Richfeet. :-D

    Yeah it's true...I love the POV stomp in both of them and both Vega and this guy really luck out. :-D

  10. that is one heck of a mega bonus

  11. Giga Bonus,Match. Giga Bonus!

    Get It Right!!!

  12. Thanks very much again for all the Wonder Woman movie caps Match. It really was an awesome fight. :-D

  13. Wonder Woman rules. Man, gotta love Amazon feet, and Diana's are the best. That fight scene from the animated movie is classic- the one other barefoot babe fight that is almost in the vein of the Chun-li vs Vega Fight.
    Great work, KSC!!!

  14. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^ Yeah...both this and the Chun Li fight scene are really two of the best. :-D Not only do they involve iconic characters...they have some really great barefoot action in them and the almighty POV step scenes. I hope that we have more like them in the future. ^_^

  15. Hi guys, here's a gif I made that I think you guys will like:

  16. Wow...Awesome Gif Stephan. Pov step shots rule. :-D

  17. I wholly agree KSC, I love POV step shots because they give you such a good look at the sweet soles and toes of a hot babe.

  18. really is very fun to see. It's really tantalizing too the way that the foot comes closer and closer to your face.

    Thank you very for the great gif Stephan. ^_^

  19. You're welcome, KSC! I'm an avid reader of your blog for a reason.

  20. I've been waiting and waiting for it and now its here! Excellent post dude! Wondy doesn't get her feet admired enough

  21. That solo animated movie she had just might have been the hottest she's ever looked animated. Thanks you so much for posting this!

  22. Thanks Coonfoot. ^_^ She does look really hot in that film. :-)