Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cammy (Mega-bonus)/Poll of the Month 10

Ok...since Cammy won the poll and I dare not make her mad at is well deserved winner's tribute to the sexy female fighter.

(These pictures are a combination of webfinds (many of which are from the Udon comics crew) and caps from the Street Fighter 2 V anime episodes 18 and 21. Once again a huge thank you to StreetFighterDash for reminding me about the Cammy sunbathing scene a while back.)

Not only is Cammy popular with you guys... she's one of my favorites as well and she's been featured here a ton of times:

In fact when I saw she was winning...I was a little worried that I wouldn't have any new barefoot material for her. Fortunately, I was able to get more caps of her sunbathing (found a complete version of 21) and a higher quality shower scene to share with you guys.

Anyway, what makes so many people wish they could have Cammy's feet in their face? Well...Cammy really has everything any person could ever want. She's smart, sexy, a strong fighter, and has a gorgeous body. Cammy's personality allows her to be friendly, dominating or playful depending on the situation and because her alliance shifts throughout the Street Fighter series, it's possible for her to be a caring heroine or naughty villainess depending on your tastes. No matter which side she's on, Cammy wears a sexy pair of knee-high boots as part of her uniform which no doubt make her feet extra sweaty and tired after wearing them all day (especially with all the physical activity she's involved in). She'd probably be really thrilled to take them off and use a person's face as her own personal foot massager if she were given the opportunity.

Ok...I added a new poll of the month for you guys. This month's scenario is this: Everybody has probably fantasized about a hot teacher in their lifetime. If a sexy teacher gave you the opportunity to kiss/worship her feet and act as her personal footslave...who would you want it to be. Like the other polls voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd really love to see what your opinions are. Also this will be the last poll before the Anime Feet tournament of champions. The winner of this month's poll will go on to face off against Supergirl, Mary Jane, Azula, Ada Wong, Sakura, Samus, Zelda, Misty and Cammy in theUltimate hottie free for all so chose very wisely. ^_^

Ok everyone...that's all for tonight. Thanks for checking in and as usual...more to come soon!!



  1. Awesome! I love Cammy.And those bathing suit Scenes were on my list of finds.

    BTW,where did you get that Cammy figure?

  2. How much i just want to massage those soft feet while she sunbathes

  3. there is only one, and very enjoyable, way to find out LB

  4. The figure is a webfind from a site that deals with customizable figures here.
    Actually, upon closer inspection of that offers more barefoot Cammy pictures as that model of her is examined from many different angles.

  5. I'd love to massage her feet too Match.

  6. I'd love to discover if she's ticklish or not as well guys.

  7. even tho i voted for Ayane, i'm glad Cammy won =D shes awesome, i was actualy unsure who to vote for this time xD such a hard vote and the new poll is even harder to choose.

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  9. oh especially of Rei from Evangelion, im actually quite surprised the Eva girls havent been posted yet

  10. That was awesome,KSC. Know anymore sites with more barefoot anime figures or figures with removable footwear?.

  11. street fighter needs more girls like her

  12. Ayane definitely rocks Lawliet. She is easily my favorite Dead or Alive girl. Yeah the teacher poll is tough because they are a lot of women in it whose feet I would really enjoy kissing. It should be very interesting to see which girl people decide to choose.

  13. Oh yeah Rei looks really hot Match. I haven't seen that series yet but seeing her definitely makes me want to do a tribute for the EVA girls.

  14. The main site where the Cammy custom came from seems to offer a couple of other barefoot girls as well SFD.
    My personal favorite was Kagura.

    Also Lionel has been known to post some Doll's feet on his blog too.
    Sorry...those are the only ones I know about.

  15. I with you 100% Mr. E. Out of all the Street Fighter girls...Cammy is my favorite.

  16. I already know about the 1st link,KSC.And unfortunately Cammy is the only interesting thing on that site.

    I've also checked out that other site,sadly he doesn't have many action figure pics..just that one.