Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Flying Witch: Nao Ishiwatari, Nana Kuramoto, and Inukai (Walpurgisnacht special)

With Walpurgisnacht right around the corner; why not celebrate the night when witches are at their strongest.  
OK, that is kind of a lie; Walpurgisnacht is not actually witches night, that was Hexennacht.  Walpurgisnacht celebrates Saint Walpurga who was known for battling witchcraft.  Christians celebrate it on the same day as Hexennacht (April 30th) and it has largely replaced it popular culture. 
One more interesting fact: Hexennacht more popular opposite, Halloween is when witches are actually at their weakest.

Let's start this five day special on witches with two non witches.

First up is Nao Ishiwatari.  She is childhood friends with Kei Kuramoto, who becomes friends with series main character Makoto Kowata.  One of the few non magically inclined people who are aware of witches (If you don't know magic exists you tend not to notice it.).  She works at her family's liquor store and is often seen making deliveries for them.

Out of all the characters in the series she's the one I wished had more barefoot scenes.


Next up is Nana Kuramoto.  She is Kei and Chinatsu's mother.  Although not a witch herself she is aware of them thanks to her family's connection.  She writes and illustrates children's books.  While she doesn't wear shoes in the house, she does wear socks.

And Now an actual witch: Inukai.  Inukai is best friends with Akane and specializes in fortune telling.  After a night of heavy drinking she ate some candy Akane made that transformed her into a half dog during the day.  She wears a hood to cover her face to hide this; but at night she transforms back to human.

Bonus: Anzu Shiina's mother.  She runs Cafe Concrucio, a magical cafe that looks like a run down ruin when you see it; but, it reveals its true appearance if you know how to summon it.  She tends to wear slippers.

Just like with witches these galleries will become more powerful the closer to Walpurgisnacht. 


  1. Oh wow...incredibly cute set of witches. Great post Paganax. ^_^

  2. Nice it’s been awhile since we saw some of your posts.