Friday, May 4, 2018

One Piece: Nico Robin Figures

Ok today's Figure Feet Friday post is the lovely Nico Robin
(Various Webfinds regarding Models of the character. ^_^)

Other tributes involving Nico on the site can be found using the following link:

The main figures highlighted in this tribute are two beautiful Portrait of  Pirates figures from the company Megahouse. The Portrait of  Pirates series is an amazing series of One Piece figurines. There are several models of the One Piece female characters in it and the woman are designed to look as sexy as possible. Within the Portrait of Pirates set, Megahouse released a sub-series of limited edition swimsuit figures called BB statues which these two models are a part of.  BB stands for Bathing beauties or as I prefer to think of them Barefoot beauties because the models in this set are barefoot. :-D There are several of the One Piece girls featured in this line and all of them look incredibly hot. You guys will definitely see more of them featured on the site in the future. 

Anyway as shown Nico currently has two Bathing Beauties figures out there (a polka dot bikini and a blue one). I love the pose of the Polka dot model with the character's legs lifted teasingly. Nico has a beautiful set of legs; they're so long and slender. Of course the really nice thing about that model is that you can position it so that the character's feet are extended towards you. 😍 The blue swimsuit model is equally hot and I would have a tough time staring away from each of these. Both models are 1/8th scale with the Polka dot swimsuit about 88mm in height and the blue swimsuit model measuring 130mm. I think the Polka Dot Swimsuit is not available for purchase yet. It should be released this May though. (Special thank you to Otakumode for providing information on this series.)

Ok a couple of other models are featured in this post. :-) One is a One Piece creator model where you assemble the model. I think that you that set allows you to customize to model to be either Nico or Boa. The model is pretty small about 12cm or roughly 4.7 inches. 

The next model is pretty interesting. It's a Banpresto One Piece CII Swimsuit figure of Nico. It's taller than the last figure about 20cm/7.9" This one has a cool feature where Nico's shirt changes color underwater cold or warm water. :-D This is also one of the cheaper figures and I've seen it sell for $14.  It's also really nice that this model of Nico is barefoot as well though I'm not 100% sure that you are able to remove her from the stand.

Last is a One Piece Grand Line Lady Nico Robin Bikini statue. It's a 23cm model of her donning a sexy swimsuit. I really like this model because Robin's appearance is a lot more familiar to me. I'm way being in the anime and haven't gotten up to the time jump so Nico is more recognizable in this form.

All right everyone. That's all for now. I hope that you liked this tribute and as always, more to come soon!
-Kings S. Castle


  1. Nico has such long legs and feet. I never bother with One Piece because I cannot keep up with the manga or anime at all.

    1. :-D Yeah it's an intimidating watch because there are so many episodes. I am way behind with watching it too.

    2. I only saw a few on Fox Box and Toonami in high school. There are over 800 episodes of the anime. Hard to keep track which is which.

  2. For second I thought it was snake bit** who turns guys into stones please don't do her KSC.

    1. I mistook one of the figures for Boa at first as well until closer examination. ^_^

    2. Yeah her could you not do her KSC i really don't like Boa.

    3. just curious what you got against Boa Hancock?

    4. Because she's such a bitch treat other people like garbage except Luffy that's why I don't like her.

    5. Oh...I haven't seen most of the Boa episodes yet. I've only seen her earlier episode where she turned Marguerite to stone.