Friday, May 25, 2018

After the Rain: Akira Tachibana (Part 4 of 4)

Last but not least, here is the final part from the last three episodes. If you want to scroll down for my personal thoughts of the anime itself, you can. Otherwise, enjoy this final megapost on Akira with her gorgeous feet and footwear.

Episode 10 

Episode 11
For some reason, I like this pose of her while studying for exams.

Episode 12


Personal Thoughts: When I first watched this anime on Amazon Prime, I was amazed on how beautiful it looked, as I continued watching it, it started to remind me of the Garden of Words due Akira's relationship towards Kondo, not only that, it had a lot of foot scenes on Akira herself just like Yukari from Garden of Words. Even though they were together in different scenes, they never truly fix their own problems, but each of them senses something missing in their own lives that seems so natural to the other. So even though their relationship is not perfect, they still care for one another. I mean, Kondo wanted to become an novelist since he was a kid. It was a bit slow-paced series but to me, this is the closest you can get for the Garden of Words to be an 12-episode series as opposed to an 46-minute movie. I also loved the fact that Akira slowly painted her toenails and we can see it up-close in the second episode, it was really one of the very rare examples of absolute foot beauty. I really hope this example will be recognize for future anime to come. The Garden of Words foot scenes are the closest to match After the Rain's in terms of beauty and realism. Overall, After the Rain is an decent romantic series with lovely foot scenes to boot, it re-discover one's passion for life, finding that in both Akira and Kondo's pasts while illustrating those backstories with all the visual splendor it can muster and then some. Hopefully, you enjoyed my four-part megapost of Akira Tachibana and her feet, it's sad to see this is the last time you can get a look at her feet.

Future Plans: After this megapost, I will be planning to do special posts of certain girls I had in mind, a big one is from the girls in Tokyo Mew Mew with Ichigo and her friends after I finished watching that series two months ago and some more Pretty Cure girls like the original series and Heartcatch during the summer. Also, I was thinking about doing some female characters from obscure anime, I don't want to give too much away so you're going to have to be surprised.

I'll end this megapost with Akira dancing in joy for summer break. 


  1. Fantastic series of posts Custom. ^_^

    1. Thanks, KSC. Hopefully, this is a nice way to say goodbye to Akira Tachibana and my After the Rain megaposts.

    2. I really wish more people would comment on this post since this is the last part of this megapost.

    3. I hope you enjoy this series, KingsSideCastle.

  2. I was hoping for more comments. Please don't leave this behind.

  3. She has some of the best feet scenes in all anime in my opinion. Thanks for your posts Custom :).

    1. You're welcome. Did you read my thoughts on this anime?