Monday, May 14, 2018

Dokidoki! Precure: Rikka Hishikawa

She's Mana's best friend since they first met over a decade ago when her family moved right next to Mana's. Appearance wise, she has long blue hair and eyes, and wears red glasses. During her school days, she is the student council secretary of Ōgai Middle School while Mana herself is the student council president and is ranked among the top ten in the country in performing on the national mock exams. She often tries to keep Maya from going crazy. She claims that she is not athletic and is usually the last to be picked for a sports team. As an Precure member, she is called Cure Diamond, her hair kept the same blue color but changed it into a long ponytail. Her attacks are ice-type blasts that freeze her opponents or slowing them down. In some ways, Rikka reminds me of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi from Medaka Box due to how they tried to keep their leader from losing control or cause trouble, they're childhood friends, and being a part of the Student Council.

The Light of Wisdom, Cure Diamond!


  1. She has cute feet but the set look like it's missing life view.

    1. What do you mean by missing life view?

    2. I chose not to do a gif because I don't want every post I made to have them since they take too much time.

    3. Sorry but I need to save some posts for later.

  2. O.O She is so cute. Beautiful feet.