Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll of the Month 7: Results

Well...the 7th poll of the month has finally come to a close. After a record shattering 816 are the results:

It looks like Zelda cast her spell on her fans and proved that her feet are the ones that most people want to treat like royalty (I'll post a tribute for her soon). This sexy princess grabbed 237 votes beating out the second place finisher Peach by over 100 votes. O_O The Princess of the Mushroom kingdom still had a respectable showing garnering 136 votes for herself and the One piece Princess Nefeltari Vivi managed to just beat out Sailor Moon to claim 3rd place with 110 votes. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these Princesses, they all proved they had their own loyal foot servants willing to pamper their feet at the snap of their fingers by gaining votes of their own. Even Princess Allura (whose name I mispelled) has hardcore supporters that believe her feet deserve some love.

Ok everyone, I'd like to once again give a huge thank you to all who voted. You guys are the best and I'll keep your opinions in mind for future writing and bonuses. As usual...tonight, I'll post a new poll of the month. (This one will have a holiday feel to it). I'll also post a tribute to the Legendary Princess of Hyrule soon.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. which of these lovely Princesses was my favorite? :-D It was Princess Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. She's really hot and I'd love to take off those sexy red boots of hers to give her feet the royal treatment they deserve.

    Anyway, great voting everyone.

  2. u should also post Vivi of One Piece, it would be a crime not to post a One Piece beauty's lovely feet

  3. Yeah Vivi is gorgeous...I'll see if I can find a good tribute for her too.

  4. I wonder what you'll find as a tribute for the Hyrulean princess, Triton. BTW, Ashe is a princess that definitely needs foot care now and then. :D

    While I'm still on the subject of princesses, I guess I'll tell you who I voted for when you first opened the poll. The ever so cute Princess Garnet. :) If she wasn't on your poll, I would've voted for Ashe too. But I can't say no to those puppy dog eyes of hers or her pretty size 6.5 feet.

  5. well actually there is a scene (i cant recall the ep) where she is running to save her kingdom and her shoes break, making her barefoot for a few eps yet sadly i couldnt see a sole shot

  6. *Laughs* I probably gave alot of Final Fantasy fans a difficult choice by including both Garnet and Ashe in the same poll but both were definitely deserving of a top ten princess spot.

    O_O Really Match??!!! Vivi barefoot for a few episodes? it looks like I'll be hunting down the Alabasta arc on Youtube.

    BTW...everyone I'm working on Zelda now. I'll try to have her up in a couple of hours.

  7. Although she didn't win, the fair princess herself said to me that she was grateful for my constant support. And as she walked to the doorway, Garnet said that sheneeded someone to play "This Little Piggy" with her, and then she winked at me. ;)

  8. Playing this little piggy with Garnet's feet is definitely a hot scenario. :-D

  9. Actually, it sounds more cute than hot, man. But we still enjoyed it. What happened afterwards was that after I wiggled each of her toes and stopped, she told me that I forgot something. I asked her what then she said, "You forgot about the tickling. Isn't that what you do when you play this game?" This answer surprised even me, but I still answered back. I said, "Not always, but I can do that if you like". She said I could if I wanted to, and so I obliged. And let me tell you, she had a really cute laugh. :)

  10. O_O Looks you had quite a fun time with her.