Monday, December 15, 2008

Sakura Bonus 3

Because she's so popular, here are a couple of more barefoot shots of the sexy pink-haired kunoichi that missed my megabonus including an awesome close up from the Master of Sole Shots himself. Enjoy everyone!!!

(These are from I scene I completely forgot about in Naruto Shippuuden 35 as well as an awesome swimsuit scene from the 3rd Naruto movie credits courtesy of the Legendary Match25 (Thanks very much man).)
Guys do me a favor and try not to let Ino find out about this one. ^_^; I kind of like being able to massage her feet on a regular basis.
Ok...with the completion of this bonus, I think I've posted every scene of Sakura's bare feet to date. Just let me know if I missed any and I'll post them.
I know that it's not Friday but I couldn't resist spotlighting the Naruto Girls Foot Worship Interactive for another really great set of additions from the authors Kiddo, 2233445 and Justmyself. The awesome threads involving Ino Yamanaka's feet, pretty much guarantees that this is the first interactive I check every day. There are also some cool threads involving worshipping Sakura and Tsunade's feet that are worth checking out.
Alright everybody, that's it for today. As always more to come soon!!


  1. *ahem* Aren't you forgetting something, KSC?

  2. If I go down I'm taking you with me Match. :-D

    I was saving it for Friday Kyle. Just to give it a little more play.

  3. What does that mean?

    I can think of a few ways you could take Match down with you if he does sell you out. Evil things. :D

  4. If you don't give me a definition of "giving something more play", Miss Yamanaka is gonna be hearing about Sakura's little "promo".

  5. I have nothing to do with what Kyle wants to do KSC and i havent said a word

    also even though one cant help but love tomboy soles, i wish Hinata would go barefoot more often (wouldnt it be funny if Naruto seeing her barefooted is what draws his attention lol)

  6. Yikes...I meant giving weekend readers a better chance to notice it Kyle. Usually people have some more time over the weekend and I think there is a better chance they'll be able to browse any links that I post. (I only posted the Naruto interactive in this entry because it ties in so well with Sakura). Still, I aim to please so if you want me too, I'll mention it with my next entry. ;-)

    *Nods* Hinata is very pretty Match and I really like the grown up version of her. I know that I would definitely start noticing her more if she went barefoot more often.

  7. Man, Sakura does get alot of foot fans ever slince she started wearing those boots. ^_^