Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vacation Getaway (Bonus)

I know I said I would post another Jackie Chan Adventures girl in my last update, but as usual...I'm running behind schedule, to make it up to you, here is something for everyone to dream about instead.

(A huge thank you to the author Mr. E for finding this little bit of winter escape on the web. ^_^)

Eventhough it's icy cold where I live, seeing this picture just seems to warm me right up.

Sorry this update is so late everyone. It's just been a long start to this weekend. As I promised here are some new spotlights for this week. This week's theme is staying warm this winter.


When dealing with warmth, you don't get much hotter than everyone's favorite Firebending princess Azula so the first story up is my friend the author Daniel Wickie's With Friends Like These interactive for it's newest chapter. A few months ago this story was left in the middle of a high speed car chase cliffhanger and I've been waiting for this continuation a long time. For those of you that haven't had a chance to read Daniel's Azula thread yet. His story involves a great blend of action, comedy, adventure, drama and memorable characters. To top it off Azula gets her feet pampered, massaged, and tickled in this story. It's definitely worth checking out

Ok next, I have to once again spotlight Mr. E's (Yup the same guy we have to thank for this bonus) Shrunk with Friends, Family and More interactive for it's latest addition to the Julie thread. Imagine being a tiny captive trapped inside a woman's sock with only her sweaty foot to keep you company as she tortures and humiliates you with it. Talk about uncomfortably hot. Well, the new chapter by the author Slide allows you to experience that situation for yourself.

One last story. This brand new one is entitled "The Smell of her Feet" by the author Mr. Cool As the title suggests, this story centers around smelling the feet of anime girls and celebrities. So what makes this story hot enough to forget about winter? less than two days there are already chapters involving the feet of May, Kagome and Samus. Each of those girls are hot enough individually but the fact that there are new threads for all three of them definitely make this story a sizzling hot to escape the winter cold. ^_^

Next Week:
There are 4 Stories that I would like to get over next week. I'm definitely going to add a Dragon Ball Z Shrink chapter to a thread that I'm working on with the author Cryptosporidium137. If I also have time, I'm going to do a continuation of my SoulCalibur story, Wonder Woman story and a couple of chapters involving Mars.

With this blog I'm also working preparing for the next wave of updates that will take us into 2009. Between now and New Year's I'm hoping to law the groundwork for Anime feet 3.0.

Alright everyone...So much to little time!! Have a great Weekend everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!!


  1. great pic =D
    awesome find, makes me feel warm inside lol, ooh i'll have to take a look at the adds to the story, good to see some new ones, i swear if i ever get good at writing i'll be adding to quite a few storys but my writing skills a below average

    that aside , great find again

  2. good,KSC. Now check out My collection here:

    I'll be adding more soon.

  3. Thanks Lawliet. BTW I think that your writing skills are good. I really enjoyed reading the Bleach chapters in your Videogame Shrink/Giantess Story and I hope that you continue the Tsunade thread in your own interactive one day.

    Those pictures are great SFD.

  4. I bet that Sailor Mars pic was your fave,huh KSC?

  5. Oh, you're such a flatterer, Triton. :D Due to many complications that I've been dealing with for many months, I've been unable to add any new stuff to my existing Azula thread. But now all of those things are over now..... unfortunately. :(

    But enough of that. As I said, I'm flattered at how you described my story and such, and it also shows how patient you've been with it. Thank you very much for your patience and for mentioning it.

    As a personal "thank you", I thought I should give you something in return. Do you remember that time when you wished to see a picture of Quistis being barefoot and tickled, Trition? Well, here something that will satisfy both criteria. Happy Hannukah, buddy.

  6. Kyle check my blog Now. I've done a spotlight on RavenDrakil.

  7. You have? Maybe I should go check out. Right after I finish my preparations.

    In hindsight, how did you know I was going to leave a comment here?

  8. Sounds like you're busy again Kyle. I hope everything's ok. Thanks very much for the picture and Hannukah wishes. It's great to see Quistis barefoot and it looks like you really lucked out. ;-)

    BTW guys...sorry I didn't get the chance to post anything new last night. I got back so late that I'm still feeling drowsy at 10am this morning. My next post will probably really late tonight or really early tommorow morning just in time for Christmas.

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

  9. Yeah, I sure did. And that's not the only girl whose feet I got to touch. Check this story out. It's one of Thunder-Bolt's latest stories and it includes my favourite Final Fantasy girl. That's right, It's little ol' Yunie herself. :D

  10. Wow...the Summoner herself. You really lucked out. I've had a crush on her ever since I saw that Dance scene in FFX. ^_^

    Great story Kyle. Thunderbolt really did both you and Yuna justice.