Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lucky Star: Tsukasa

Ok is the next Lucky Stars Tribute. This one is for Kagami's younger twin sister Tsukasa.

(Once again a massive sized Thank you to Spoonorca for these Lucky Star Anime pictures)

Man, the girls in this anime are overwhelmingly cute. I'd love to be person pampering Tsukasa's feet in that pictures.

Ok everyone that's going to be it for now...but they'll be more Lucky Stars action to come soon!! Have a nice day!!


  1. Like I said, that has to be the best dentistry business I've ever heard of (and seen). :D

  2. sweet feet, but i hope u start posting the tomboy soles again. I know you have a lot coming up soond

  3. Yeah I definitely have a lot of cool scenes to post (a ton of which is from you Match) and a lot to catch up on. Sorry I've been posting things so slowly lately guys.

    However, after Next friday (after the last of my finals) expect things to pick up rapidly as I go on an insane posting spree posting female feet left and right.

  4. We're not complaining, Triton. Just make sure they're tasteful, you know.

    And speaking of finals, I'm now finished the first semester of my second year. :) Be sure to check out my latest journal entry too. You might like what you read. ;)

    Daniel Wickie

    PS: It's ben a while since I put that there, hasn't it? :D

  5. Actually far from complaining, everyone has been really supportive inspiring me to keep posting and try to do my best to make this blog a good one.

    In fact when my schedule gets busy like this and I can't post as quickly, I feel that I'm letting you guys down. I really appreciate everyone that reads this and those who have helped out with this blog. I just hope people bear with me one more week until I can post at full power again.

    As for your journal entry Kyle, first off congratulations on completing your 3rd semester of college. You really worked very hard man. I also want to thank you for everything you said. It means a lot to me. Your constant support has pushed me though some tough times as well (including this one where I was very close to burning out) and I really value our friendship.

    Alright guys, I'm gonna work on my end of the week entry, hopefully it will be up in about an hour.

  6. I'm glad to hear you say that, my friend. I did finish my third semester at Mohawk. Lots of challenges, brain racking tests/exams, tiring schedules, and a whole shitload of groupwork. In a way, it's like a story, like an adventure novel or a fairy tale.

    In this case, this "fairy tale" didn't have a happy ending.

  7. If they bring this show to North America, they should use the Madonna song of the same name as the theme song. Great pictures of some cute gals.

  8. Those are good caps. I like the first one, Tsukasa is so Cute, and her Feet are so nice. I'd love to Massage them so well