Friday, December 12, 2008

Aeon Flux (Bonus)

One of the great things about Aeon Flux is there are several foot fetish moments in the series. The main character even makes her living as a foot fetish model.

(Various foot related moments from throughout the series. The caps you all are staring at (you know which ones), are from the Aeon Flux pilot depicting a rather twisted version of the afterlife. )

Don't you just love it when a sexy woman like Flux use her feet to dominate someone? The blue guy has to spend the rest of eternity licking her feet. That definitely my kind of afterlife. updates might be a little light this week as I succumb to a busy schedule (as evidenced by my lack of a spotlights). But don't worry...after next Friday (mark off the 20th on your calendar guys) I'll be back at full power just in time to upgrade this blog for the new year. Bear with me until then everyone.
Have a great weekend guys!!


  1. mmm, how much i (and probably everyone else here) envy that guy

  2. I was wondering when you were going to talk about her. I was just going to tell you about that show. But it's as if you read my mind or something. Triton, are you a witch?

  3. I'm assuming your talking about the guy with the "magic tongue", Match? ;p

  4. How could i have forgotten this show

  5. yes him, getting to worship such lovely soft soles

  6. He gets to spend the rest of eternity doing that. Unbelievably lucky.

  7. I would be licking those big soles all day, or be tickling them! Great job.