Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucky Star: Kagami (Bonus)

Here are a couple of bonuses to the girls of the anime Lucky Star. Get ready for cuteness overload everyone. First up is a tribute to Kagami.

(A huge thank you to Spoonorca for capping these pictures from the Lucky Star anime)

I haven't had a chance to watch this anime yet but judging from looks alone... Kagami is probably my favorite. I just think her purple hair looks pretty.

Ok everyone that's basically it for tonight. (My fall semester is wrapping up so you can probably expect my updates over the next week to be pretty short. Once classes finish I'll go for some big ones. ^_^). More Lucky Star tributes to come soon.


  1. You go to college too?

  2. *raises eyebrow* You do, Match?

  3. yup, a college called Crafton in a city no one has heard about lol

  4. ..... I see.

    The reason I asked, KSC, is because I was not sure what your education was. Curiousity, you know what I mean? And since you're a college student, I'm sure you can feel my pain through all the tough times I've experienced in my first year and this "my second year".

    BTW, Kagami's hair indeed looks pretty. :)

  5. Oh no...I didn't mean the exclaimation point like that. I was using it to represent excitement not curtness. I'm a third year Comp Sci major btw.

    Yeah I really sympathize about tough times at college. Especially at points like this when I'm experiencing just how stressful the end of a semester can be.

  6. lucky KSC, all i can do with a computer is crunch numbers, use word, take pics, watch videos and surf the net. other than that im a complete screw up with comps lol

  7. Well...there are times when I'm really happy with my major and wouldn't change it for the world but other times when I'm kicking myself for picking such a stressful field to study. Usually around's the latter.

    What are you majoring in Match?

  8. im trying out for an Accounting Major, as the job i would love to have wound be a cubical 9-5

  9. Wow...that's a great field to go into. You must be really good with numbers Match.

  10. yes, just finding where to place them is the annoying part

  11. I think you should be a writer instead, KSC. Screw that Computer Science program. I can honestly see you writing prose. *nods vigorously*

  12. but i have not really written anything