Friday, August 22, 2008

Anna Williams (Bonus)

Well...It looks like I was running a little bit late today....Sorry everyone. To close out this week I decided to post a couple of pictures of Anna Williams. She's not my favorite of the two sisters but she is pretty hot.

(These were capped from the Tekken Movie.)

Of the Tekken characters, Anna is classified more as the dominitrix similar to Ivy for Soulcalibur. It's difficult to describe Anna alone without mentioning her sexier older sister who is one of my favorite characters but Anna is a pretty girl as well and I wouldn't mind being used a footstool by her. Needless to say...everyone can figure out who Anna's spot on the poll went to.

Ok moving on...

This Week:

This week my big chapter release was the main event conclusion for the Fantasy Debooting league. My final debooting league chapter for a while.
This one took me quit a while to write but I think it turned out pretty well.

Another project that I'm working on is a supersized Avatar/Naruto chapter that just missed out on being completed for the end of the week entry. Hopefully those will be up very soon.


There are a couple of chapters and stories I would like to spotlight this week. First off...SFD wrote a great set of chapters involving Psylocke and Lois Lane for my comic book interactive which you can check out here:
as well as a couple of chapters involving the Megaman Girls here:
Also hot on the heels of the completion of the completion of the biggest match in the debooting league, SFD has released a new spin off interactive which you can check out here.

I would also like to spotlight the interactive the Anime Stories for some great new additions by the author HellaPinoy.
I'm really enjoying reading his Morrigan thread and I strongly urge you to check these chapters out because they are really good.

Next Week:

Well the Avatar chapter I've been talking about for the past few weeks should be up fairly soon. My last big project of the summer will be to complete a new chapter for the Wonder Woman story. I'm also planning short chapters involving Sailor Mars, Jean Grey, and Mary Jane. I'll also have a few other surprises up her this week as the month wraps up.

Ok everyone enjoy your weekend!! and as usual....more to come soon.


  1. Just as a sidenote/warning...the shower scene (at least the version I had anyway)reveals a little bit more of Anna than just her feet.

    Avoid it or start searching frantically for the movie as you see fit. ^_^

    Have a good night everyone!!

  2. Are you kidding? This made me want to see it even more. I am in your debt, KSC. As a sign of my gratitude, I'll add her to my list right now.

    Daniel Wickie

  3. My only hope is that Anna doesn't find out that the reason she isn't on your poll is because her spot was taken by Nina. She'll want both her sister's head AND yours. Thanks again for the pics and keep on blogging, if your survive the encounter with Anna, that is....


  4. I thought mentioning that might cause that affect in some of my readers. Also that's one cool addition to your story.

    As for an angry assasin after me...Yikes that's a good point. I'd better go into hiding.

    Thanks for reading DW.