Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hidemi (Anime Bonus)

A while back I posted the manga version of this scene from the series GTO. Now that I've obtained the anime version of that scene, I couldn't resist posting the caps. Enjoy!!

(This is one of three foot related scenes in Great Teacher Onizuka Lesson 13 + 14 involving this spoiled student. In this one Hidemi punishes her teacher Teshigawara by forcing him to lick her feet. )

Hidemi (who loves making people her foot licking pets) pulls this stunt more than once in the GTO series so it's a safe bet she'll reappear here again. ;-)

Ok...I think I'll leave things there for now. As usual, more to come soon!!


  1. I remember this show. This was one of the most watched episodes that me, my sisters, AND Edgar watched whenever GTO was on. This also brings back fond memories and I look forward to the other ones you mentioned. Good work, KSC. Keep on blogging.


  2. thanks for explaining what ep these were in. even though i love a pair of barefoot beauties soles as much as the next guy here it is kind of hard to like a pair where the girl uses that to inflict pain on a guy. it was really funny seeing her getting spanked though lol

  3. Thanks guys. It's rare finding a scene where a character is actually found licking a girls feet so I'm glad I was able to post it.

    I like Hidemi using her feet to punish someone but I also have to admit that watching her get spanked in the following scene was Hilarious.

  4. Wow, that is some nice Foot Worship. I've got to find some more Anime shows with that stuff in it