Thursday, August 28, 2008

Toph Bonus 2

I split Match25's sole shots of the spunky eathbender into two separate bonuses because including all those pictures in one bonus was too much awesomeness for anyone to handle at once. Anyway here is the other half.

(Once again a huge thank you to the Master of Sole Shots Match25 ;-) for these awesome pictures.)

Ok tommorow evening I'll post my usual end of the week bonus with the spotlights, future plans and other projects. See you soon everyone!!!



  1. awesome cannot describe Toph, it shall forever be renamed as Tophsome

  2. my personal favorite would have to be the eighth one down. such a clear sole shot while not a speck of dirt on it

  3. That she does, Stefan. But to be honest, I can't possible pick between these pictures to say which is my favourite. They're all good KSC. Thanks for posting these. And thank you, match25, for giving them to him. You guys rock as much as Toph does. ^_^


  4. thanks Kyle, i know thats an over exasperating because no one can come close to rocking as much as Toph, both metaphorically and literly but still enjoy the compliment

  5. Thanks guys. It wouldn't be nearly as fun to post these picture if I didn't know people were looking at them. My personal favorites were the third pic where Toph literally breaks in her new shoes and the second to last pic where we get to see both of toph's soles at once.

    Match you're definitely very Tophsome ;-) for sending these amazing pictures and I'll try to post the other ones you sent me as well soon.

  6. if anyone could tell me the episode that is the 3rd from the top I'd appreciate it.

  7. one of the first episodes of season 3