Monday, September 1, 2008

Ada Wong Bonus/Poll of the Month 5 requested by many voters, the sultry Resident Evil bad girl gets a well deserved tribute. Unfortunately Ada doesn't go barefoot in any of her games but that's not to say she doesn't give us some very sexy scenes. Enjoy guys!!

(These pictures are a combination of webfinds and video captures from Resident Evil 4)

I can definitely see why most of you picked her. It would definitely be an awesome experience to have this gorgeous woman kick off her heels and rub her feet against your face. I suspect that once this lady starts to use you as a footstool, it would be impossible to resist kissing her feet. ^_^

In addition to this tribute I added a fun new poll of the of the month to take part in. This one is dedicated to one of my favorite authors Melroser76 who loves Ninja girls and picturing how their feet would smell. As with the other polls, voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd love to see what your opinions are.

Ok...I'll let you get back to staring at Ada's feet. Thanks for checking in everyone and as usual...more to come soon!



  1. no offence but this post kind of bites, true she is very hot but we dont even see her toes let alone her barefooted

  2. *Chuckles* Yeah Ada is quite the tease. I wish she went barefoot in RE4 also. I still think she looks pretty sexy in heels though. Maybe we'll be luckier in future games.

  3. true, i would love to see her out of those heels in a future game

  4. You're right, KSC. I would start kissing her feet as soon as she rested them upon me. ^_^ And yes, Melroser76 is a good author. His foot smell chapters are something I cannot resist reading. I will most certainly add her in the future. Keep on blogging.

    Daniel Wickie

  5. Ada Has some nice legs,so it's likely that she has nice feet. BTW KSC,I'm working on a Wonder Woman story in my Fantasy Foot Tickling interactive. Check out what I have so far.

  6. I saw your new poll, KSC. I voted for Misao. Hope she wins!^_^

  7. Thanks for reading guys. That Wonder Woman story was great SFD and Misao is a great choice DW. She's definitely a hottie.

  8. Oh yeah and Match...I'll post the bonus of you know who tommorow morning. ;-)

  9. mmm cant wait Kingsidecastle, i hope the people here will love more of my anime sole shots. after the post, i will send u all of Ed's from Cowboy Bebop with probably the best double sole shot ever in anime

  10. i know its only Fanart but i know u will all enjoy this of Ada Wong

  11. Yeah I enjoyed that deviant art picture a lot :-)

    It was really nice seeing Ada's soles...thank very much Match!!

  12. well i got to live up to my new title as Master of Sole shots