Friday, September 19, 2008

Ayane (Bonus)

Because Ninja girls rock so much...I decided to try and give each of the poll members a tribute before the end of the month. I can't guarantee how many I will be able to get to this time...but here's Ayane.

(Just a couple of video captures of the sexy Ninja I got from Youtube. These were most likely taken from Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball.)

This active ninja is a not only a skillful fighter, she's quick, smart and has some powerful techniques available to her. Added onto that, this girls soles look incredibly soft and smooth and like all the other Dead or Alive girls, her developers made sure another section of her body was worth staring at as well. :-D Imagine how nice it would be to have this sexy girl rub her feet against your face while you sniff them to your heart's content. ;-)

Ok...while you try to shake that image of what smelling Ayane's feet would be like from your head...I'm going to move on.

This Week:

With the assistance of the Master of Sole Shots Match25...I managed to update this blog 7 times over the past week with bonuses for Hasegawa, Sissi, Yumi, Gwen (2), Elika and the sexy ninja above.

I've also been working on a couple of new interactive chapters but (and please forgive me for this) they're not quite done yet. I'll try to have them up soon.


So which interactives am I going to spotlight this week? I decided to go for some classic interactives that have been around for a while. These are some of my favorites:

First off I have the Animated Feet for You interactive by Howdyboy: Howdyboy has created some great interactive story concepts and this was one of best. While the Naruto and Feet interactive was the interactive that got me to start writing, the Animated Feet interactive was the story that got me checking on a regular basis. I liked the May thread in this story so much that I came really close to registering for a account just to add to this one. Unfortunately, my shyness won out and it would be another year before I dared try my hand at making an addition. Still even two years after it was created, this story remains one of the best has to offer.

Ok my second spotlight for tonight is the Tickle Hell interactive by Blade: I didn't learn about this interactive until recently when a friend recommended it. It's a great interactive involving the Final Fantasy girls getting tickle tortured. Since women's feet can be very ticklish, there are many foot related chapters in this story. On a sidenote...what made me think of this interactive was the fact that Blade released a spin-off interactive this week. In that one the girls are not only tickled but tortured as well. If you enjoy tickling to the extreme both his works are definitely worth checking out.

Next Week:

So what do I have planned? Well writing wise, I still have a lot of old projects to finish up so I'm going to work on those. As for this blog, well between some incredibly awesome sets of clips and caps Match25 provided and a couple of surprises of my own...let's just say you guys have a lot to look forward to.

Have a good weekend everyone!!



  1. now these are some premo shots KSC, very good work

    ps check out a computer game called Sexy Beach 3 Plus, u can get it through Bittorrent. by using the sun screen u can either make these beauties with a sexy dark tan or smooth white

  2. Oh and the reason one should get the Plus version is this one comes with "foot play"

  3. O_O Foot play?!!!!! Really?!!!!! That sounds awesome I'm definitely going to try and download that game as soon as possible.

    Thanks very much Match.

  4. a very good game it is, my favorite is Eo because just make her hair orange and u would swear it was Nami

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Never did like Dead or Alive,I'm a Street Fighter man for life.

    KSC,Please do those Sailor Mars chapters first....I've been waiting forever for them

  7. Same here, Stefan.

    She does have nice soles, I'll give you that, KSC. I'm like Stefan here; I prefer the games of Capcom, SNK, and SquareSoft/Square-Enix. Other ones too, of course. I'm not a turncoat, I just have certain preferences, you know? Anyway, keep on blogging.

    Daniel Wickie

    PS: I found Blade's Tickle Hell interactive very arousing too. :D

  8. as long as a beauty is attached to a lovely pair of soft bare feet im not to partially picky

  9. this place has been very quiet for the past few days, whats going on?

  10. Sorry I'm running a little behind ... it's just been a busy weekend I and I got back home pretty late tonight. ^_^

    I'm working on uploading the girl genius now. ;-) She'll be up very soon.

  11. np with u KSC i know ur always working hard, i just mean the other reviews, usually twice a day there are floods of comments between us barefoot beauty lovers. its weird that for the past few days this place has been so quiet.

    But still, cant wait to see what you do with everyones favorite hacker

  12. KSC, have u got the game downloaded yet?

  13. Not yet...It's still on my que. I'll try and download it soon.

  14. Sexy Beach 3 Plus, i have the link in the first message

  15. Tell me, Match. In a previous message, you mentioned this game had "foot play". What kind of "foot play" are we talking about?

  16. you can have her go barefooted, massage oil into them to have them either snow white or a dark tan, give them a tickle, and yes there are some H-scenes as well

  17. Damn that sounds even hotter than I thought. I'm moving it to the front of my queue I hope it downloads quick.

  18. hope u have fun, also if u win with Esk, u get a catgirl to play with.

  19. here is something to help the people who downloaded the game

  20. I am in your debt, Match. And for that, I'll give your two birthday presents on the 25th on dA. I'll be sure to check it out later.

  21. will be watching, hopefully the hotel i get will have free internet