Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maylene (Bonus)

Pokemon girls are hot and barefoot girls are hot so when they combine...well just prepare to pic up your jaw off the floor!! Enjoy everyone!!

(Once again kudos to the Master of Sole shots Match25 for providing both the pictures and inspiration for this bonus. Also in case anyone was wondering Ash battles Maylene in Pokemon Battle Dimension most of these caps came from that episode.)

It's pretty cool that Pokemon had a barefoot female gym leader around. Isn't it?

Ok...That's it for now. As usual more to come soon!!


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  2. Not Bad,but isn't she abit young? BTW,did you know that the woman who does the voice of Maylene also did the voices of both Misty and Jessie?

    Oh does you're friend have any screenshots of Lois Lane's feet from brainiac attacks? It's the scene where she's changing her shoes.

    I'd also like to see some foot shots of Jessie from the Pokemon episode "enlighten Up" (I hope i spelled it right)


  3. I believe they did that to get barefoot beauty fans like us to start playing the game once again. ticked off those they never give her a clear sole shot in either the game or the show though but love the one they have of her in the guide book

  4. My personal favorite gym leaders are Flannery, Claire and Misty but Maylene isn't too shabby either.

    Yeah SFD, That Lois scene is on my must post list but I don't have it yet. Hopefully someone will repost the Braniac movie on Youtube or maybe one these blog readers will find it.

    Enlighten up huh? I'll have to keep an eye out for that one too.

    I definitely loved that guidebook shot Match. Thanks again for it.

  5. Ah, the legendary Maylene. I should've slapped myself with a wet fish for not watching more episodes of Pokemon, had I known SHE would appear. I am grateful for your catch of pictures, match25and KingSideCastle. I urge you both to keep on posting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some sole staring to do.:P

    Daniel Wickie

  6. just glad u enjoy Kyle, and i was the same, after i saw her pic of her showing her sole in the guide book ive been looking out for the ep when she comes in (still disapointed that throughout the eps she was on she never once gave a sole shot though)

  7. In that case...I'll leave you in peace Kyle.

    I have a feeling the next bonus that you convinced me to post for her will make you happy Match. ^_^

    Thanks again for all your support guys.


  8. yes yes it did make me very happy; keep up the great work

  9. That Maylene sure looks Cool

    it looks like she's aboot to do a Kamahama Wave attack in that last picture