Friday, December 18, 2009

Zoey (Bonus) up is Dawn's rival Zoey. This hot redheaded tomboy gives us a little bit of a glimpse of her feet when she takes off her boots to treat her sore ankle.

(Special thanks to Juancho for capping this scene from the Pokemon episode "A Stand-Up Sit- Down".)

Aw don't you just want to kiss her feet and make her feel all better? :-)

Zoey looks really attractive. I really hope that we get to see her take off her socks the rest of the way in the future. ^_^ more ghost post left...I'll have it up in a little bit.


  1. I would love to kiss her feet in order to make her boo boo go away :D

  2. unfortunatly, there hasn't been any other feet scenes with zoey that I've seen

  3. I think we all would have danced around our televisions or monitors if those socks had com all the way off in this episode