Monday, December 14, 2009

Elite 4: Phoebe (Ghost Post)

Ok another quick post...this one's for the elite four hottie who battle her opponents barefoot.

(Special thank you to Phoebe lover/Femdom fan and Scissor expert BreaktheWalls for collecting these webfinds of her)

I'm told that there's some Irony in giving Phoebe a ghost entry. Imagine having to battle against her in a Pokemon battle. I'd definitely have a very hard time concentrating. ^_^; On the plus side I suppose this girl's sexy choice of attire can make even the most devastating lose to her seem like a trip to Hawaii. ^_^

Ok...just a quick announcement. I'm putting all the major bonuses/projects (Spellcasters, Deviant Art and Spotlights) on hold for a short time while I allow the semester to run its course (just bear with me during this time guys). However, circle the 18th on your calendar. That's when I'll be back posting full force. In the meantime I'll try to do some more ghost posting.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season


  1. You mean Phoebe, don't you?

  2. No sexy fanart? What a shame. Maylene was okay though IMO.

  3. Yeah DW. :-)

    Oh yeah fanart. That's definitely something I'll keep in mind for the next set Digiharrisom. ^_^

  4. lovely, but i cant wait till your done with Finals

  5. Just trying to help, KSC. Not bad, though. :)

    And by the way, Happy 3rd night of Hanukkah to you.

  6. Got to love those barefoot islanders.

    Anyways, wish you luck in your finals KSC

  7. Thanks guys. I just finished my last final. ^_^ Not completely out of the woods yet but definitely a huge load off my shoulders. :-D I'll try posting more frequently now.

  8. This girl has yet to appear in the anime, but she will be more than welcome if she ever does ^_^