Friday, December 18, 2009

Cynthia (Bonus) up is the attractive pokemon league champion Cynthia. I really like this character a lot. Not only is she a really powerful trainer dominating the entire Pokeleague and being the final boss of the game...she has this cool goth look going. ^_^ I always wanted to worship female champion feet...shall we? ;-)

(These are a combinations of webfinds including one really nice contribution from the user Tom. Thanks man.)

In her relatively brief but memorable appearances in the anime and videogames. Cynthia is always wearing those sexy high heeled boots leaving us foot fetishist to imagine what her feet must be like underneath them. Fortunately this time around fan artists have attempted to fulfill our fantasies. Mmm those are some very lucky Pokemon!!

Ok...still a couple of ghosts left to catch and on that note...more to come soon!!


  1. Nice artworks! ^_^ I never realized Pokemon trainers could be so hot. Great stuff, KSC!

  2. "Champion" would be the one that gets to worship these feet ^_^ Maybe she goes barefoot at home?

    One time, Brock managed to grab her hand as seen in this screenshot. That must have been so close to touching her feet.

  3. Thanks Solekeeper.

    Yeah Match. Add Cynthia's feet to long list of female trainers that extremely lucky electric mouse has managed to nuzzle against.

    ^_^ I think that if I lived in the Pokemon world, I'd be having Brock's reaction to every woman I came across too Juancho.

  4. 0_0 I can't believe I missed this bonus, great pics KSC :D

  5. oh yes, and sexy Cynthia. She's a gorgeous woman, with soles to match I can bet :3 And yes, let's worship! XD

  6. :-D Yeah it would be great to be able to worship Cynthia's feet. I hope that the anime has episodes with Cynthia visiting her vacation house in Undella town like in Black and white. It's on a beach. ^_^

  7. I have screenshots of Cynthia's feet from Best Wishes Season 2 episode 1.