Friday, December 18, 2009

Jasmine (Updated)

This one's just a quick bonus to honor the hot gym leader who's kind enough to wear footwear that doesn't hide her cute feet from view.

(Webfinds downloaded off of the hot Pokemon fansite Otakuphrenia as well as updated with some hot additions from Pokemon fan Juancho. )

Jasmine is mega-cute. She seems to have some really attractive feet as well. :-) One has to wonder what they smell like after a gym battle. They really need to bring her back for a swimsuit or spa arc. *Sighs*

Ok more Pokemon girls to come soon!!


  1. Pkmn really need to show off women feet more often

  2. This is one of the prettiest characters of all in Pokémon ^_^

    Naturally, showing off her feet contributes to it.

    There are countless fanarts of her, but the best are those in which she's without the shoes. I once saw one with her walking on the beach of Sunyshore City (referencing her appearance in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) with her shoes off. Beautiful :)

  3. so let us agree with you and post said links to the pics here

  4. @Match: I have very few on my PC, including this one.

    But a quick search on deviantART shall retrieve many more ^_^

    Here's one with her shoes off (sadly no view of the feet).

  5. O_O Those pics are incredible Juancho. I'm updating this right away. Thanks very much for them.

  6. Jasmine is a cutie :D

    I can't wait until you post the particularly...."cool" Elite Four gal, if you get my drift Triton ;)

    Oh and great pics Juancho :D

  7. Oh yeah BTW. That one's going to freeze everyone in their tracks. ;-)

  8. you know they updated her in diamond and pearl

  9. O_O Have to do another tribute for her. ^_^ Thanks Black Viper.