Friday, December 18, 2009

Gardenia (Ghost Post)

Well I finally finished the last of my finals. :-D While I'm not completely out of the woods yet (won't be able to catch up on a backlog of WDC e-mail until much later), I'm able to devote a little more power to blogging again. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on with Spellcasters, Heroines, Writing Spotlights and DA Artist left to highlight. Guess I have to dive right in. First things first...the rest of the ghost posts back to back. ^_^

(Once again a huge thanks to the Pokemon fan Juancho for sending in this hot webfind of the Pokemon Gym Leader Gardenia.)

Mmm would be nice to fall asleep with this this hot gym leader's feet in my face. ^_^

Moving right along...Next up is...


  1. Gotta love those female Grass Pokemon trainers :D

    Oh and Congrats on finishing your semester KSC. I hope you did well on your finals :D

  2. Who knows, maybe if there are rivers by the forests she hikes through, she'd enjoy soaking her feet in them :)

    Gardenia is one of my favorite Gym Leaders. I like her hair, her clothes and her attitude. She goes crazy when she sees Grass-type Pokémon, in a way that would only be bested by herself being barefoot in those scenes ^_^

  3. Thanks guys...yeah I would really love to see her relaxing with her boots off. :-)