Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DA Christmas Bonus Part 4

Ok...First off since this is probably my last post of 2009...I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Now, to end the year with a is the 4th part of the great Deviant Art Christmas Bonus. :-D This segment gives a special nod to the artist's original and classic characters as well. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to be able to create a character memorable enough to stick in a viewer's mind. All of the artists in this set have managed to successfully cross that bridge. Time to break out the champagne guys!!


Fmilling's artwork was the catalyst that inspired this segment. Among foot fetishists there are two original characters whose reputations have reached almost epic proportions. The first is Yenny, a blue haired foot fetish hottie with size 15 feet that have even managed to break into the mainstream comic book market. The second is the ticklish alien above. Since their debut, Teeva's size 15 feet have understandably been the object of many a foot fetishists fantasies. Who wouldn't want to nuzzle against this playful extraterrestrial's soles as she wiggles her toes for your viewing pleasure. Fmilling picked a great sampling of his artwork to show you guys. I especially like the 4th picture where Teeva is practically stepping on your face and the first and last picture. I wonder how Fmilling managed to get her soles to look so realistic? Not to mention her pedicure in the first picture is really hot. Speaking of pedicures...gotta love peace sign one the 2nd picture. I also really like the detail in that picture too. It's awesome how you can see the imprint of her soles in her sandals. I'd also love to be those blades of grass in the third picture tickling her feet.

Fmilling's gallery offers has a ton more images and info about Teeva for you guys to enjoy. Be sure to visit it if you have the chance. :-D


The pictures above star 2 of Mpgraphics' original creations Amy and Amelia, both of whom are rapidly taking the foot fetish world by storm. Not only are these girls incredibly hot, they really have distinct and memorable personalities. You really have to read some of the sarcastic comments Amelia makes in her other pictures. That goth totally rocks. ^_^ Of course the best thing about these girls is they are constantly finding their feet on display. Amy the cute pink-haired girl who is showing off her attractive bare feet in the first two pictures (one of which she appears with the hot barefoot gym leader Maylene O_O) is constantly getting her feet tickled. Amelia on the other hand is constant propping her feet up on the table for us to stare at just like she's doing in that awesome third picture. Something gives me the feeling she's doing that to tease up. :-D

Mpgraphics' gallery offers a lot more of these women as well as some other tickling and foot fetish artwork as well. (My jaw dropped when I saw a comission involving a barefoot Tifa and Aeris getting senseless in the mix :-D) In addition to Mpgraphics' gallery, I'd also like to mention that this artist has some great comic book art as well. His page comic page is currently down at the moment but I'll post a link when it gets back up.


DemonKing666 has also created some really memorable original characters. The most popular is his protagonist Jenny Footbere, a hot Native American girl who loves going barefoot. O_O Sadly, I don't have any pictures of her to show you guys (you can catch her in Demonking's gallery though ^_^) but I do have pictures of her mother, rival and friend (the second, first, and third pic respectively). The first picture shows off the soles of Lady Scarfoot...a bad girl who is really into foot domination. My type of woman. :-D The second picture depicts Lucy Footbere (Jenny's mom) showing off her feet and the third picture is of Masane a the hot Japanese barefoot wrestler. about a wide range of characters.

DemonKing's gallery which contains a section dedicated to barefoot girls...has a lot more of his original characters as well as some anime, videogame and cartoon characters as well. I was drooling over a barefoot image of Samus. He even has a section dedicated to Avatar and Sailor Moon. Sweet!!


In the seven months that he has been on Deviant Art, MostlyFunStuff's artwork has taken the site completely by storm. This artist really draws a wide range of material from Anime girls, to Videogame girls, to Original characters and everything comes out superb. I'm really a huge admirer of his artwork. ^_^ As the first 3 pictures attest, I could have easily put him with the anime or videogame artists but I chose to include him with this one for 2 reasons. First he's had some really awesome original characters that I am really hoping will become popular. (I would so love to see 666 and 777 become household names). Second his DA page has helped promote other artist's original character as well. I actually learned about Jenny Footbere and Rosusonikku's Jessie through his drawing. You can also see him introducing another Rosusonikku character in the fourth picture. MostlyFunStuff's original creations include the sexy brunette badgirl 666, the hot blond heroine 777 (my personal favorite), the exotic wild girl with size 19 feet Mia O_O, the tall beauty with gorgeous soft soles Elle (she's the hot brunette in the 4th picture), and the raven haired vixen Sheena (*searches refrigerator for ice*).

With his drawing, the first picture is one of my favorites. When I look at Viewtiful Joe's Sylvia giving such an amazing close-up Kick, it feels like I'm actually getting smacked by her sole. Wow!! The awesomeness doesn't go down in any of his other pictures either and its really great to see rare barefoot depictions of Rosalina and Kazemon (Digital Goodness indeed!! ^_^). Needless to say I really loved the other pictures too. :-D The two sets of hot soles in the 4th picture and the hot scientist resting her feet on the desk in the 5th had me licking my screen. ^_^

MostlyFunStuff's created two different accounts to keep his foot fetish artwork separate from his regular drawings so his entire gallery is devoted foot fetish goodness. O_O He has a really nice combination of Original characters and Anime/cartoon/videogame fanart including some rare hotties like Juri and Kaorinite. :-) Make sure to look at the artwork "Casual Obligation" at its full size while you're there. You'll be really glad that you did.

Ok...a special thank you Fmilling, Mpgraphics, Demonking666, and MostlyFunStuff for allowing me to post their artwork here as well as Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for organizing this mega-series.

With the end of the year comes a few announcements. First the final poll of the month for this year closes out tonight so it's the last chance for everyone to lock in your votes. With the leading women neck to neck...I'll really curious to see who walks away with the win in this one when the smoke clears. O_O As always I'll post the results, and a new poll tomorrow as well as a tribute to the winner later in the week. Ok guys...I'd better get ready to complete my classic New Year's ritual and ring in the new year with Ino's feet in my face.

Happy New Year Everybody!!


  1. Once again, all great artist. My favorite pic is the goth gal with glasses :D

  2. mmm what a wonderful way to end a great year. I mean we have had a villainess takeover, spellcasters putting us under their "spell", spies that are Totally awesome, a pair of raping sisters, a Disney Invasion and last but not least sexy pirates

    Now how are we going to top this year next year?

  3. Somehow, I think we'll figure out a way Match. Besides, I made quite a few new discoveries that I'm rather sure you'll enjoy.....and Barefoot eye-patch girls ;)

  4. that sounds very familiar, but i cant recall from where

    not to mention more alien girls than Teeva will be appearing as well, epecially from one series i just finished up

  5. I was referencing the Ryomou Shimei (A character from Ikki-Tousen) I sent you a while back, along with caps of two other lovely girls.

  6. Happy New Year, KSC and everyone! Here's to a lot more enjoyment in 2010. ^__^

  7. Happy New Year Guys!!

    You guys are right 2009 was a great year feet wise. ^_^

    Added onto those scenes, I'm really happy that I finally got to see Ino's soles up close. *sighs happily thinking about it* ^_^ Was hot that it was in the same scene with Sakura too.

    Yeah I'm looking forward to posting the Ikkitousen caps as well as the cute alien who will "do anything for a bento" and her friends too. Plus we still have the spellcasters to finish. Not to mention some other jaw droppers. Wow...2010 is really looking to be a great year as well.

    Good luck in the coming year everyone.

  8. with how you said that KSC im guessing you suddenly want an alien roommate hehehe

  9. Definitely :-D

    I'm imagining having to make the choice between having Teeva, our upcoming cutie, or Sarah Kerrigan as a roomate. Not to mention that Supergirl is an alien hottie too. Boy it's tough to decide.

    I probably have to hold auditions involving me worshipping each of their feet to make up my mind. ^_^;

  10. I wonder who you guys are talking about....*sigh* Looks like I'm going to have to wait to find out.

    In any case, Happy New Year everybody :D

  11. Hey, friend. It's been a while, but I thought I might help you ring in the new year with some extra material.

    First up, we have Janine, the Ghostbusters' receptionist, at about the 3:30 mark:

    Then, we have Ra's al-Ghul's gorgeous daughter, Talia:

    And lastly (because I'm nuts over blondes), Linka, the Planeteer:

    I realize it's a mixed-bag. But that way, you can keep the ones you like.

    Happy New Year.

  12. O_O Wow awesome amount of material Dave. I've been looking for Janine's feet for a long time. It looks like I have another hot villainess to post with Talia and a hot blonde to post in Linka as well.

    Thanks very much for all of these. :-) Way to start off 2010. ^_^

  13. I like the pictures that the DeviantArt artist MostlyFunStuff draws, the Feet look so well drawn and very nice to wanna rub

  14. wow nice pics. keep on the good work.

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  15. Yeah I really like Mostlyfunstuff's artwork a lot too Calvin. ^_^

    Nice site Mike. :-)

  16. *Phew* Took me a while to get all these bios for this section up but now their complete. Onto the next post. :-)

  17. Here I am again.

    Supergirl has been the object of attention for so many, it seems a shame to keep what I have to myself.

    This is from an episode of Superman: The Animated Series called "Little Girl Lost, Part One:

    That's a starter. If possible, I'll track down some from "Legacy, Part Two." But keep it a secret from my master, Darkseid.

  18. O_O Really awesome Dave. I'm a huge fan of Supergirl as well. I'm in the process of putting together a mega-sized Supergirl bonus and that link will definitely come in really handy.

    Thanks so much for it.