Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maylene (Updated)

While I struggle to cope with an insanely busy schedule at the moment...I'm going to do a couple of "ghost entries". These ultra quick posts will probably have a minimal amount of commentary but hopefully will satisfy everyone's barefoot anime girl craving while their waiting for some of the bigger sets. Here goes...

(This pictures of Maylene comes courtesy of Pokemon Fan Juancho. It from here intro scene in Pokemon Platinum.)

Not like I really had that much to mention about Maylene anyway. I think the words barefoot gymleader and tomboy pretty much sums it up.

Judging from the last entries comments, Maylene seems to be a pretty popular gym leader among foot fetishist. I wonder why that is? ;-)

In case you guys want a little bit more of are two more entries devoted to the cute pink haired pokemon girl.

ok everyone, that's all for now but as usual....more to come soon!!


  1. mmm yes this will keep us distracted for awhile.

  2. i would start watching this series again if she became a main character

  3. Juancho told me that there's a little bit more of Maylene's feet in Pokemon Platinum since her role gets expanded. :-)

    I'd love for them to have more scenes of Flannery in the anime.

  4. That one is the only graphical new appearance of her feet in Platinum, besides her animated sprite as seen here :)

    However, she also does provocative things (to us anyway) like walking on snowy terrains barefoot and explaining why she always goes barefoot.

  5. It seems someone like Maylene alot enough to expand on her character.

  6. Got to love those barefoot martial arts girls :D

    Oh I also know of another good barefoot girl, she's from the elite four of Hoeen (Did I spell that right?)

    Anyways her name is Phoebe and she dresses like a Hawaiian girl....bare foot and all :D

    here's a link to the lovely girl.

  7. whoever is watching this series still, post when she comes ons

  8. :-) I'll have to post another pokemon set soon.

  9. she and Toph has similar qualities, barefoot, butt kicking tomboy

  10. Indeed Match....though I'm hoping for some posts of Phoebe, the lovely Elite Four barefooter :D

    I also found a hot picture of the lovely Lorelei, got to love a barefoot gal with glasses ;)

  11. O_O Awesome picture BTW Lorelai looks really awesome.

  12. Used awesome twice in the same sentence...must be a long day.

  13. Ok BTW here goes for this month's poll...
    Katara 1 to 1
    Misty 1.5 to 1 (Giving Katara the slight edge for the moment but this will come down to the wire)
    Sailor Neptune 5 to 1 (Would love for her to pull off the win but she has a lot of ground to make up.)
    Irma Lair 5 to 1 (This character was just introduced to me but it looks like she's definitely got a following of her own. It's nice because she's really hot)
    Ranamon 8 to 1 (It helps that this character is always barefoot :-))
    Bridget 10 to 1 (I like this character a lot but don't know how she'll do. Tokyo Mew Mew seems fairly well known among anime fans though)
    Layla 15 to 1 (Going by the fact that people recognize the name Winx club if not the character herself)
    Honey Queen 18 to 1 (Would be interesting to see how far here connection to one piece can push her in this)
    Gi 20 to 1 (Hot asian girl but then again how long ago did Captain Planet air)
    Aqua Girl 25 to 1 (This water girl is definitely swimming against the current. With several different incarnations and a some barefoot material to back her up can she make it to shore?)

  14. Great sets of Odds Triton, now it's my turn

    Katara: 1-1 (I think she should win in this poll, since we have yet to post her on this great site)

    Misty: 1.9-1 (She has the lead at the moment, but I have a feeling it won't last for long)

    Irma: 4-1 (Is doing the third best but really needs a big break to win between the two powerhouses that are Katara and Misty)

    Neptune: 5-1 (Has a really, really tight chance of pulling this on out)

    Ranamon: 7-1 (I'm amazed she's not one of the top three, considering that she is what Match said, "A barefoot Mermaid" )

    Honey Queen: 12-1 (With connections to One Piece, she can still pull through on this....though that's very unlikely)

    Layla: 15-1 (Doing better then she was in the beging, but has very little chance of wining this thing)

    Bridget/Lettuce: 20-1 (She's doing fine, better then she was at first, but still is unlikely to win)

    Gi: 23-1 ( A hot barefoot Asian chick but she only suffers from the fact that Captain Planet's prime was quite a while ago)

    Aqua Girl: 30-1 (You'd think that a barefoot superheroine would be doing better, not only that but one of her incarnations is from San Diego ;) )

  15. Nice choices Tristan. O_O Didn't know that Aqua girl (the latina one?)was from San Diego.

    Just thought of another girl we forgot to include...