Friday, February 19, 2010

Gotham Knight: Cassandra (Bonus)

Been a really long week. ^_^; My mailbox completely overloaded and I spent the last couple of days emptying it out. (An extremely tedious and painstaking task ^_^;) I finally managed to get my e-mail into usable condition but I feel massively drained. Well...nothing like a hot set of female feet to re-energize with. Anyway here's the attractive Indian mystic Cassandra to admire.

(These are capped from the Animated film Batman: Gotham Knight. A Huge thanks to Juancho for tipping me off to this scene and getting me to finally take this movie off my must see list and into my DVD player.)

For those of you that don't know, Gotham Knight is a combination of several animated shorts put together by different Japanese animation teams. As such you get to see a lot of really cool artistic styles in the film and the movie has this anime like feel to it. It's really intense to see. Much like the similarly designed Animatrix film, this one works as bridge tying together and expanding upon the two Christopher Nolan Batman films. Cassandra's short "Working Through Pain" is a flashback to Batman's training in India as he attempts to master his ability to feel pain. To do so he attempts to enlist the help of a group of Indian mystics known as The Fakir but they turn him down because he is an outsider. Instead he is directed to the mysterious outcast Cassandra who has mastered the art and is willing to teach him her skills.

While calling Cassandra a spellcaster is definitely a stretch, she does have certain mystical abilities to herself. She has completely mastered her mind and body to the point where she can walk across hot coals or pierce her body with pins seemingly without feeling any pain at all. She also shows an amazing amount of kindness and empathy thoroughout her film while at the same time showing a huge strength of will. The viewer really sympathizes and admire her very much. This short involving her is a really powerful and emotional segment; very well written and put together. I really recommend that you check this one and the Gotham Knight film in general out. It's very very good!

Ok everyone... I'm going to take the weekend to regroup, reorganize and gain back some strength but I should be back posting again soon. Still have a lot of spellcasters and other bonuses to post.

Onwards and Upwards


  1. Got to love those hot barefoot Indians.

    I wonder if she'll let me soothe her feet after she stood in coal?

  2. Yeah barefoot Indian girls are are hot. ^_^

    I would love to do that to her too. :-)

    This girl kind of reminds me of a more mature version of Katara. Especially in some of the flashback pictures when she was younger. :-)

  3. still not right, even if they dont hurt her to harm such lovely soles

  4. Though the fire walk itself was her own choice, she's had a very difficult life.

    Would love to ease some of her hardship with a relaxing foot rub. ^_^

  5. Awesome update. Cassandra's truly beautiful. Bruce should have given her a foot massage as payment for her teachings. ^_^

  6. These are pictures from a villain named the Wanderer that Red Robin fought in issue #8. At first she was wearing normal boots, but as you can see in this first pic, she quickly switch to instep heels.

    I know her feet look fine, but she has this power that she can kill with a single so its more of a look but don't touch kind of girls feet. Heavy emphasis on don't.

  7. nice find KSC.

    i want to see the animation now.

  8. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Wow The Wanderer is really hot P. I had no idea the artwork in Red Robin was so good. I seriously need to start reading this series. Thanks very much for her. ^_^

  9. Wow, Wander is hot.

    Oh and I love RR's comment in the third link. Though if I were fighting a barefoot beauty like her....I can't say that I blame him ;)

  10. Those are some seriously hot feet, and I mean that literally.

    Kudos to the Wanderer, that's a money shot no doubt.

  11. The animation is truly worth it, and one that should also be in any foot fan's list because of this beauty alone. XD

    PS - I've finally posted my first blog entry in a long while. XD

  12. Thanks guys. ^_^

    O_O Checking out your blog now Melroser. ^_^