Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sumomomo Momomo: Momoko Kuzuryū (Bonus)

Hot off the are a couple of pictures involving the cute pink haired martial artist Momoko. Enjoy everyone!!

(These are from the series Sumomomo Momomo. A huge thank you to Richfeet for finding and capping these pictues. ^_^)

One of the really cool things about Momoko is that she is barefoot a lot in her series. She reminds me a lot of the gym leader Maylene from Pokemon. (Another pink haired martial arts girl who is barefoot all the time) :-D

Well...this anime definitely made my hit list. :-D There's a good chance you guys will see more of her in the future. ^_^

Ok...have a good night everyone and as usual...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. not that im complaining getting to see lovely pink haired martial art feet, but isnt this the Spellcaster's bonus segmen?

  2. Sort of an interim post since the next spellcaster is going to take me a while to organize.

  3. Wow, now I have got to see this anime, with cute martial arts girls like her running around barefoot ^_^

  4. And you know what else? Maylene's japanese name is Sumomo! She just has one less "mo" in her name.

  5. Actually four less "mo"s in her name.

  6. hmm, makes one wonder if Maylene was based off this character

  7. from the recent evidence that has a appeared, I would say that she most likely was based off of Maylene Match.

  8. Thanks guys. ^_^

    O_O Yet another thing these two pink haired girls have in common Digiharrisom.

    I definitely wouldn't be suprised if one of them was based off of the other...they are definitely very similar.