Monday, February 1, 2010

Poll of the Month 21 Results

Ok the 21st poll of the month has finally come to an end. After a whopping 1906 are the results... looked like Ten Ten broke out her most powerful weapon scroll and sent the other girls running for cover as she managed to claim vote after vote and prove that her feet are the ones that most people would like to be kicked around by. (Can't say I blame you guys...she's really hot). In second place was the ultra sexy Final Fantasy Hottie Tifa, and fast kicking street fighter Chun Li claimed 3rd. No need to feel bad for the rest of these martial arts girls...they all proved to have foot fans of their own and nobody scored less than 15 votes.

I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing your opinions with me. I really appreciate it very much and will try and keep your preferences in mind during my future writing chapters and bonuses.

Ok guys, I'll try and post a next poll of the month later tonight. I'll also post a tribute to Ten Ten pretty soon as well. Have a great day everyone. ^_^


  1. So which of these martial arts women was my personal favorite?

    That would have to be Dead or Alive's sexy purple haired ninja Ayane. *Sighs* at the thought of being kicked around by her feet.

    I also really liked Sarah a lot too. I'm surprised she struggled in this one. ^_^; Oh well...I guess I'll cheer her up with a consolation footrub later.

    Great voting everyone!

  2. a good poll, but im still saying the only reason was because more people knew of Naruto than any of those other series.

    oh well, get to enjoy a pair of tomboy feet. Im happy

  3. I agree with Match, personally I think Ryomou was the best choice for this poll.....but alas, fame beats quality.

    Well, at least Ten Ten is cute so, I guess I won't mind seeing her feet

  4. I voted Chun-Li. I guess I can't have enough from her!

    As for the new poll, Peach and Anna would be awesome. Anna is HOT but I'm going with Peach this time.

  5. O_O Great choices guys. ^_^

    For the last poll...I think in terms of familiarity...Sumomo probably had the biggest disadvantage. Suprisingly though she got a pretty decent amount of votes. Maybe because foot fetishists know about her.

    O_O Peach is great choice Juancho.

  6. Ok BTW here goes...if I had to guess
    Rukia 1 to 1 (Bleach being a popular anime)
    Jenny 1 to 1 (She's not a main character but then again Pokemon is notorious for doing well in the polls so far)
    Bulma 2 to 1 (I was looking at her scores in the previous poll she was in and she came very close to winning.)
    Peach 4 to 1 (It's still early but she's doing well...she also didn't do too bad in her previous appearance in the princess poll ^_^)
    Lita 8 to 1 (I know she'll get at least one vote before this is over >_> winning...I don't know about. Sailor Moon is popular thoug)
    Anna 9 to 1 (She has a popular series behind her...depends on how people feel about her personality)
    Bloom 10 to 1 (She's really attractive. *blushes*)
    Jaina 12 to 1 (She's got an uphill climb being in a rare game series...still I've noticed a lot of appearances in fanart and fanfiction lately and I know at least one avid supporter for her ;-D)
    Irma 15 to 1 (She's rare...still I've been surprised by her popularity before. Can she pull off the biggest upset in history?)
    Kimiko 20 to 1 (Her series is low to medium in terms of popularity...Definitely going to have to struggle to reach the top.)

  7. Ruikia: 1-1 (Bleach is a popular anime, like as you said. Not to mention the fact that Ruikia is one of the more popular characters on the show)

    Jenny: 1-1 (She's from Pokemon, enough said)

    Bulma: 2-1 (She's THE Dragon Ball girl, I think she has a great chance to win this thing)

    Lita: 3-1 (She's from the popular Sailor Moon series and one of the most popular Sailor Scouts from what I can tell)

    Peach: 4-1 (She's a favorite in this one and is in fact in the lead, but I'm not sure on how long that will last)

    Anna: 10-1 (She's hot and from what I can understand, is a barefooter. Though her series isn't as popular as the ones above)

    Jaina: 10-1 (Dude, you must know a lot about Warcraft because it's one of the most popular series in gaming. WOW (World of Warcraf) is a powerhouse in it's own right and that's just on part of the series. WC3 won game of the year as did the first WOW. Anyways, I think Jaina does have more then a shot at pulling this off but it will be a battle since she's not as popular as the powerhouses above)

    Kimiko: 13-1 (Your right, her series isn't the most popular....however, she did better then anyone thought she would have done in her poll, claiming second place!)

    Bloom: 17-1 (Yeah she's cute but her series is somewhat unknown)

    Irma: 25-1 (Has the same problems that Bloom does but I think her series is a tad more rare....though she did do great in the water poll)

  8. It was a tough decision since 3 of my favorite ladies are on this poll. However,I decided to go with Mako-chan,because I'm a big Sailor Moon-Head.

  9. Jenny is ahead of Peach now and there aren't even any barefoot scenes of her as far as I know T_T (not official anyway)

  10. this is the only one i know of

  11. I meant of Jenny :D

    There are actually a few of Peach in Nintendo of America comics!

  12. I have another Heads up for you KSC. In The 13 Ghosts of Schooby Doo,in the episode where Daphne falls under a sleeping spell.

    Shaggy and friends try everything to get her to awaken,including tickling her foot. He also mentions that She's ticklish.

  13. i wish they had Velma go barefoot more often, cant resist a pair of geek feet

  14. Well, this one is in the bag for Rukia. Sad, because [though I'm a Sonic fan], I would love to see Peach's feet up there. Then, there would be either Kimiko from Xiolin showdown or Officer Jenny.

    But, have y'all even seen the foot fetish video for Peach with Daisy and Peach at the end? ^_^, ice-showers! I'll post up the link for you lucky dollar signers.

    ^ Ending is worth a million dollars. $$$

    [Is now resorting to money puns] XD

  15. nice but i personally dont like girl on girl

  16. Here's some scenes from this anime called My-Hime, starting at 1:08 there's this black hair girl that kinda acts like a cat. She's really not the barefoot type display in this show, but she is from this point to the rest of the episode because she was rescue from the water.

  17. O_O Jupiter is a good choice SFD. Also thank you very much for the Scooby Doo tip. Daphne's feet are hard to find and both Scooby Doo girls are really cute. ^_^

    Yeah Jenny's feet are really rare Juancho though there are a lot of scenes with her wearing her trademark pumps. ^_^

    Yeah I like the intelligent geeky type of girls too Match. *Blushes*

    That clip was definitely worth a million dollars Money $ign. O_O Hmm...Peach Jenny, and Kimiko...I'll try and keep them in mind after the poll has ended as well. :-)

    O_O Just saw that clip was really hot. Lucky Kendo guy. :-) Thanks very much for this cutie.

    Ok guys...I'm working on Ten Ten now...I'll try to post her soon.

  18. i got a lot of caps for Mai Hime... hey that would fit in the spellcaster catagory

  19. oh yeah, didnt sffan state that Peach was barefoot in Super Mario Sunshine?

  20. Was playing through the game and couldn't find the scene he was talking about. There was a dream sequence towards the beginning but sadly no barefoot scenes. I didn't get to the end though so its a possibility that it could be later on.

    On a sidenote Mario Sunshine is a really fun game. ^_^

  21. I'm sure she doesn't appear barefoot there, even in pictures where she's sitting on the beach with Mario.

    Besides the DIC cartoon, there has been at least one Mario Japan-only anime, but I don't know about appearances of Peach barefoot/sandaled in it.

  22. O_O A Japan only appearance? From the Mario cartoon?

    I've was reading the episode guide of the series and found out they had 104 episodes. I wonder if Peach has more scenes in it?

  23. I meant a Mario anime. Here's one episode of it.

    Not sure what other episodes from the American show have Peach with her bare feet besides her baby appearance and the Milli Vanilli one.

  24. O_O That's really cool that they have a mario anime. Peach looks pretty hot in this one. I think she looks cute speaking Japanese. ^_^

    I'm definitely going to try to find the rest of this one. ^_^

  25. it raises anna's feet "shaman king", sarah "chaotic" and rises or spend web royal families feet to me

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