Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spellcaster Feet Part 3: Juniper Lee

Because once you've developed a taste for Spellcaster feet, its extremely hard to shake is a new wave of spellcaster bonuses. ^_^ This one is dedicated to the Chinese American cutie Juniper Lee.

(These are from the life and times of Juniper Lee. A huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping these pictures.)

I haven't had a chance to see this cartoon yet but it looks like a fun series with an interesting premise. The cartoon's creator described this series as a cross between the Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire slayer. Similarly to Harry Potter, Juniper Lee's world centers around a magic society that is secretly hidden from normal humans. The title character, the cute young girl depicted in the pictures above is entrusted with maintaining a balance between the magic world and the real one. (Definitely not an easy task when having to maintain a personal life and school life). To make her task possible Juniper is given super human abilities (i.e. enhanced strength and speed) as well as a variety of spells at her disposal. Judging from the fact that this series has three seasons of episodes...I'm guessing that things don't always run smoothly for Juniper

Just from my initial impressions from reading the wikipedia article for this series, this cartoon looks like a nice blend and comedy. It also looks like it has a really spunky set of main characters. I definitely have to give

Ok guys. Stefan aka StreetFighterDash (my old writing partner) asked me to mention the new blog he is working on involving Cartoon Histories. So far he's provided some really good descriptions of classic series like G.I. Joe, and Ninja Turtles. You can visit his site here:

Once again I'm juggling between a massive amount of different projects lately and as a result I'm running behind in my posting. Some of the sets I'm in the middle of organizing have over 1oo caps in them and a few have more women involved in them than the Disney bonus. ^_^; I'll try and catch up posting these soon. I also might have a few writing chapters up my sleeves. ;-)

Ok everyone...that's it for tonight but more Spellcaster magic to come soon. :-D


  1. mmm im shocked this series didnt go more than 3 seasons. Seriously she is an asian girl with big feet that she loves to kick with.

  2. O_O She likes kicking them around?

    That really awesome. :-)

  3. oh yes, even in the opening scene it ends with her doing a flying kick

  4. not to mention they add a Bigfoot girl who wants to be human. sadly she is only in six eps

  5. Whoa!! ^_^ If there were any doubts before...this series definitely made my list now.

  6. no to mention there might be more, i was only able to get ahold of seasons 2-3

  7. Kingsidecastle, how do we send you material? Your email address is nowhere to be found on the blog.

  8. Oh yeah...need to post a contact page. ^_^;
    My e-mail is
    if you want to e-mail me.

  9. it raises anna's feet "shaman king", sarah "chaotic" and rises or spend web royal families feet to me

  10. I actually saw some episodes of Juniper Lee, but I never saw her feet till now. Can you believe that the person who played her voice also voices the pink bunny from Wow Wow Wubbzy, Both naurto (Matsuri), and some other ones? @_@ This cats been busy >> A lesson for the great Stefan [pupil teaches teacher, plagerisum from Wiki, lol]

    Great Caps KSC. Placing $$ that the next ones will be a bankroll!

    [Money puns are annoying]

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  12. I never plagerize,Money Sign.I'm not that kind of guy So Don't treat me like a cheat.

    Yes,I DO get a lot of my Info from Wiki,but I don't plagerize. I also check my aquired facts.

  13. Though I do admit that sometimes I get a bit lazy and just copy and paste a piece of a Wiki article. But I don't do that all the time.

    Oh,BTW,KSC,thanks for the site promotion. And I Hate Juniper Lee. But on the bright side,at least it ain't a Canadian Cartoon.

  14. I never really followed this series, but it did look somewhat entertaining.

    Anyways, nice post KSC!

  15. now there are two very big reasons that it is entertaining hehehe

  16. My bad Stefan, ^^' meant my plagerisum from wiki about the voice actor for Lee. Wasn't directed to you, would I follow your lessons if I thought you were a cheat? =/?

  17. This here is a good comic series by deviantartist lostonezero, it takes place in a fantasy place and it starts to princess, at which one is barefoot all the time.

    The series is known for mostly girls getting their shoes and socks taken off and tickle, but it is worth it for the fact that there are at least two or three girls that are barefoots and we get to see girls feet alot.

  18. I already knew about that sites existence,P.

    Infact I've been a fan of LOZ for a great while.

  19. And you're forgiven,Money Sign.

  20. Whew long day yesterday. ^_^; Had to deal with post blizzard catching up. Still have to dig my car out of the snow this morning. ^_^;

    I know who Anna is (and she's definitely really hot) but I have to look Sarah up Dog.

    O_O I don't know she played all those roles Money $ign...that is really cool. Also I like the money don't have to cash in on them yet. ;-)

    No problem SFD. :-)

    Thanks Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Those are definitely really convincing reasons Match.

    O_O That comic series was really hot P. Gorgeous artwork and barefoot characters are definitely really awesome. Thanks very much for it. :-)

    Ok guys working on the next set of caps now. :-)

  21. the only bummer was the fact that Ophileia, June's goth/punk friend, never gave a sole shot

  22. Goths and their love of boots *sighs*

  23. Well, look at it this way guys. Goths rarely seen booted feet makes their feet all the more hot when you finally see them ;)

  24. Its true BTW. ^_^ For a foot fetishist boots are a double edged sword. On the one hand they essentially block you from seeing a girls feet. On the other hand, they can be teasingly hot and its hard to beat the excitement getting to see a girl take them off (or helping her off with them). You just have to pray you are around when they are removed. :-D