Friday, February 5, 2010

Ten Ten Bonus 2 Updated w/ Spotlights popular is a tribute to the sexy weapons expert. Enjoy guys!!

(These are capped from Naruto episode 43, and Shippuden episodes 10, 19, 28, 29 and 107 (if memory serves correctly). Special thanks you to the legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and Hinata-chan for the the tip off to the latter episode)

Just a little bit more of the Team Guys cute Tomboy. ;-)

So why are Ten Ten's feet the ones that most voters would love to be kicked around by? Well one thing that this girl has going for her is that she's a pro-marksmen. She can definitely make her kicks hit with a lot of precision making you feel the full power her feet have to offer. Her ninja training also makes sure that her body is nicely toned and flexible and she also has a really cute face to match it. In addition to that...she's an energetic and playful tomboy as well. Getting your face slapped as she teases you, dominates you, uses you as a kickbag, rubs her feet in your face and then forces you to worship definitely sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.

A little bit of a sidenote involving this character is that after the series jumps forward in time, Ten Ten begins wearing footwear that shows more of her feet. (Even more so than the toe exposing sandals that the genins seem mandated to wear.) You are now able to see her heels and much of the tops of her feet as well during the second series. The downside to her character is that as a ranged fighter whose specialty is weapon throwing, we don't get to see her use those close range martial arts moves that some of the other Naruto characters are more famous for all that often. Also rare are the moments where she is completely barefoot. The good thing about her being in an ongoing series though is that you can always hope for more in the future. ^_^'s been about a month since I've gotten the chance to spotlight any stories. time like the present right. ^_^

As a comic book fan, I've been really happy to see a surge in foot stories involving female comic characters lately. Comic book heroines and villainesses are incredibly hot and its definitely a new string of comic book stories and additions. ^_^

Included in the mix of updated comic book girl stories is my own interactive. :-D

Comic Book Women's Feet:
I was really blown away by the recent additions to this story over the past couple of month. Not only were were there a lot of really hot female characters receiving storylines, but the chapters they were receiving where lengthy, exciting and really well written. I was even inspired to add in a few myself. Included among the new additions were chapters involving being forced to become a servant to Wonder Woman, a new storyline involving getting dominated and forced to kiss Huntress' feet, a continuation of a gts Batgirl storyline where she puts you inside of her boots, a new Kitty Pryde storyline and a some new chapters involving you being forced to massage and lick Harley Quinn's feet. O_O Special thank yous to the authors 2233445, Qwertyers, Zinkro, and Money $ign for adding to this interactive recently.

Superhero Foot Fetish by Dr. Awesome Funk
When I last talked about this interactive it was just starting to hit its stride with some really great chapters. Since that time it has continued to grow and one of my favorite chapters so far involves the the Superhero main character exploring his foot fetish with the heroine Ninja Girl's feet. Barefoot Female Ninja...woo hoo!! This one was written by femdom and scissor expert Breakthewalls himself. ^_^

Cartoon Woman's Feet by Retrogamer
This cool new interactive allows the reader to have their way the feet of various characters of American cartoons. Included in this interactive is some really cool characters that we don't see nearly enough fetish material of including the Disney girls, She-Ra, G.I. Joe hotties Scarlett, and the Baroness and the women of Jackie Chan adventures. There are also some popular characters such as the woman of Avatar and Justice League as well. This interactive is still just getting off the ground but already a has a really nice thread involving the feet X-men Heroine Rogue by the authors Mr. E (not to be confused with the GTS author of the same name) and The Honcho.

Justice League: Wonder Woman's Rampage by Qwertyers
I really enjoyed reading this interactive very much. :-D As the title suggests the premise of this story involves Wonder Woman gaining increased abilities and wreaking havoc with her new powers. There are some great femdom and by extension foot scenes in this one not only involving the Amazon princess but some other Justice League Heroines and DC villainesses as well. My favorite threads involve Wonder Woman putting the Flash and Batman in her boots, Hawkgirl making Batman and Flash her insoles and Giganta torturing the flash with her feet. Boy Flash is really lucking out in this story. :-D

and last but not least...

Blackfire Crushes the Teen Titans also by Qwertyers
This story involves the villainess Blackfire using a magic necklace to get her revenge on the Teen Titans. There are a lot of really good threads in this interactive involving Blackfire humiliating her enemies (in some cases even convincing her sister Starfire to join in on the fun). Because forced foot worship is really degrading...there are several awesome chapters involving these sisters using their feet to torture Robin and the other titans. I'd say its another case of the boy wonder lucking out (i.e here) if there weren't violent ways he could meet his end. ^_^;

Speaking of ends, that's basically it for tonight. *Whew* a lot of fun comic book stories to read. :-D

Have a Great Weekend Everyone and as usual...more to come soon!


  1. While I think a certain Blue haired Submission hold user should have won. I'll admit, Ten Ten's feet are nice ^_^

  2. Should do one for Ryomou too in the future. ;-)

  3. This was absolutely amazing. Especially in those clogs...heels, whatever, are even Great money shot KSC. I wouldn't last in the Naurto world (besides the threats to my life), there's too many open-toed sandles.

    How can a ninja get any work done while drooling over a kunoichi's toes? That's a money deal right there.

    $$ Great work

  4. Sigh naruto again? Who votes for these animes, 12 year olds?

  5. got to love the fact she traded up for shoes that are much more revealing

    well then Cloud, there are a lot of "12 year olds" then with how many voted for her

  6. Thanks Money $ign. Yeah...I don't think I could last very long in the Naruto world either...especially with Ino walking around in it showing off her toes. ^_^;

    Oh yeah Feetintheclouds for some reason Naruto and Pokemon almost always dominate every time I include them. I guess they are really popular. ^_^;

    Yeah's an interesting choice of footwear for a ninja though. With all the running jumping around and kicking she does...its a wonder that he footwear doesn't fly off her feet mid-battle. ^_^

  7. If by popular you mean overrated, then I agree.

    Good one, FeetintheClouds. *thumbsup*

  8. I agree with you,FeetinTheClouds. Oh and KSC(an everyone else),be sure to check out my latest Cartoon Historian Entry before I moove on to my Next Lesson.

    It's all about G.I.Joe

  9. :-) It looks like a lot of people of are tired of the Naruto girls cleaning house.

    Hi DW...Long time no see. Hope everything's going well. ^_^

    O_O I'll check it out now SFD. :-)

  10. *Whew* It took me a few hours but I finally finished another wave of spotlights. :-D


  11. I'm fine KSC. :) Obviously, you're not doing too bad either.

  12. Retrogamer will be happy when he sees this. Hopefully now,he'll get lot more participants. If Not,that'll really really suck.

    Oh and you forgot to spotlight my Cartoon Historian blog.

  13. Glad to hear it Kyle. Yeah...I'm doing fine as well.^_^

    Yeah SFD...slowly but surely I'm rolling these spotlights out. ^_^

  14. Glad to write up Kitty and Harley for ya KSC. I ALWAYS wanted to get dominated by Harley Quinn, I would go ga-ga if they showed a detail pic of her feet [They had shown it in a vid before, in a comic panel, and her in socks which was the most detailed], since for some reason they just draw feet like an angle, hardly draw toes =/.

    Keep em comin KSC, I'll keep dishin out yours. You can bet money on that


  15. Thanks again Money $ign. Yeah they definitely need to show a nice detailed shot of Harley's feet. ^_^