Friday, February 26, 2010

Lilli the Witch (Bonus)

Hey guys. ^_^ Once again I have to apologize for not posting anything in a while. It's been a hectic week with my hometown once again experiencing the winter in full force. Anyway, here is the next spellcaster...a cute witch named Lilli. Have fun guys. ;-)

(A massive Thank You to Phuram for capping and contributing these pictures.)

According to Phuram, these pictures are from an episode involving Lilli traveling back to the days of the cavemen and donning the native garb which included her going barefoot. :-D Ah the days before shoes were invented. ;-) I have to give it up to the animation team of this series. They really do a beautiful job of animating feet. Lilli's in particular look really nice.

Alright, switching gears a little...I have a couple of quick announcements. ^_^ First off I would like to give big welcome back to author Melroser76 who has recently begun updating his Smelly Feet blog after taking some personal time. His most recent entry contains a tribute to the Ninja Hottie Ibuki's feet as well as a new Street Fighter girl poll. (All of which are viewable here:

Actually its really nice to see a lot of bloggers returning recently and updating their sites. I talk about writing surges all the time but I don't give blogging surges nearly enough credit. ^_^ Earlier this month, I mentioned SFD returned with a new Cartoon History blog. In addition to him, there's the Sole Keeper who has been updating his Virtual Sole Site pretty regularly this year. ( This morning I even noticed a new blog update from foot fetish artist MostlyFunStuff. (Adult Content Warning: Go Fetish Blogs!!

Ok everyone with the end of the month fast approaching, (How did it manage to go by so quick? ^_^;)...I guess I'd better prepare some tributes for the girls of this month's poll. (Speaking of which last chance to vote for this month's favorite everyone). I'll try to post this month's results, a new poll as well as this month's winner's tribute on Monday.

Have a really great weekend everybody and more to come soon. :-)


  1. mmm got to love barefoot witch girls

  2. So true...I can't even type the words barefoot red headed witch without drooling. ^_^;

  3. As always, nice find KSC. My only gripe tends to be that all of these great barefoot scenes tend to be centered on kids, which generally bugs me more than anything. I guess there aren't many adults in anime or even real life that would even consider going barefoot, so I don't know if I should really complain.

    *forehead hits keyboard* Sigh...

  4. Awesome find, as usual KSC.

    Gotta love those caveman times, where ladies didn't need things like shoes holding them down lol.

  5. I 100% agree with Ayane Matrix. I think Pics of Children should be banned. Plus. This chick isn't very good lookin'.

  6. we already set up that rule, no cartoon character whose age is designed lower than 12. Not to mention they are cartoons, they could be any age the person looking at them wants to be

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  8. too bad we cant have Ponyo, she has just such cute feet that i want to tickle

  9. I still haven't gotten the chance to see that film yet. ^_^; I like Miyazaki...though, that film is definitely on my watch list. ^_^

    O_O Was reading my comment before and noticed I mistyped a little. (at the same time not some time ^_^;) Let me erase and retype it just to keep things clear and concise.

  10. Thanks for everyone's input. First off...I'm glad that people liked these pictures but at the same time I also realize that they are not for everyone.

    Just to clarify the policy regarding ages. I'm fairly loose in terms of ages because I feel there is a wide demographic of foot fans out there and I really try my best not to exclude any contributed material. I also feel fictional characters have a lot more leeway in that regard too (especially since I'm not posting nudity). ^_^ I feel that its not the same as if I did that posting real women.

    Also since I'm posting a lot of different types of unusual fetishes here (GTS, tickling, scissors, and domination to name a few), I really trust my audience a lot that they will be able to find the bonuses that they like and scroll past the ones they don't. apologies for the long response. Just wanted to let you guys know my reasoning and thinking. :-)

  11. If it makes you feel any better, Ayane, there's been grown girls like Meggan from Marvel comics that isn't a kid.