Friday, February 12, 2010

More Juniper Lee Feet

A little follow up to the last set posting some other girls of the series. :-D Enjoy guys!!


Is that a GTS I see before me? O_O

The first things I noticed about Lila is that she's really cute and that her feet are even bigger than Juniper's (not an easy task). When I was looking at these caps I was trying to figure out what was going on with her and guessed that she was a character that had the bad luck of magic backfiring on her. Actually it turns out that she's actually a sasquatch (which is the technical term for the monster bigfoot). Figures. ^_^;


This little firecracker looks like she can be quite the handful. She really cheerful, energetic and extremely intelligent. She also seems to always be prepared for any situation. Just look at all the lotions she has with her for one day at the beach just to put on different parts of her body (probably a specific brand for her feet as well ^_^). I wonder if she anticipated the possibility that people would set up websites to stare at pictures of her feet.


Just shows the thoroughness of the Legendary Master of Sole Shots that he was able capture this one. :-D I'm guessing this cutie had a cameod in a beach episode and he was able to nab her for us. Definitely a nice shot.


(A huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping this series :-D)

Needless to say Jasmine that large attractive looking feet are definitely genetic. ^_^

Ok everyone have a really great weekend and more to come soon!!


  1. It must be a pain for them to find shoes that fit. Seriously, their feet are huge! But, that means more lickin'-room, right?

    But still, Shaquille O'Neal, watch out

  2. Yeah...I blown away by the size of these girls feet too. They definitely would give your tongue a workout trying to lick every area. ^_^;

  3. mmm the more the merrier, oh to find a Bigfoot girl i would never let her go

  4. Is it normal to get boners when looking at feet? I just need to know cause after looking at these that's what's happening! I wish they put this show back on TV.

  5. It's called a foot fetish dude, and it's as common as the cold. Don't be embarrassed by it, embrace it. 1/3 people have a fetish, F.F to be precise, however there's that portion of society that thinks it's disgusting and socially unaccepted. That half of society, are idiots ^_^.

    Whoo! Peach is coming in on second! Now...I'm getting second thoughts about her and is leaning towards Bulma...

  6. Nice work on this KSC I personally like Jasmine's the best ^_^