Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rukia (Mega-Bonus) w/ Spotlights

Rukia is one of those characters that has so many scenes that I could literally spend a month posting her feet and still not be done. ^_^; Even after spending 10 days collecting/organizing material for her and combining my efforts with her other fans, I've barely begun to scratch the surface of the vast treasure trove of scenes/pictures involving her feet. Just so I don't keep you guys waiting indefinitely I decided to divide up her pictures and post what I have so far now. It's just as well since this bonus completely has barefoot shock written all over it.

(These pictures roughly cover the first 32 episodes and 1/2 of a movie of the over 200 episodes, 3 movie and 3 OAV Bleach anime. A huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, the Legendary GTS author and Master Webfinder Mr. E and the Legendary CG Artist Ayane Matrix for providing material for this bonus) what makes Rukia's feet the ones that most people would love to have playing footsie with their face. Well besides her obvious easiness on the eyes...she has a really dominating side to her personality and even seems to enjoy trampling people underneath her feet. There's also a comedic side to her personality that's really enjoyable to watch as well with quirks including an obsession with bunnies, ridiculously bad drawing skills and a naivety involving the real world. She really is fun multifaceted character who I definitely wouldn't mind letting her rub her feet in my face all day long if she wanted to. :-D

Alright everyone since its been about a month since I've done this type of segment, it time for some...

No theme this time...this month's spotlights are completely random. :-D

First off Mr. E has a new semi-spin-off interactive to his classic gts interactive Shrunk with Friends, Family and more. His new interactive Shrinking with Friends, Family, and More (working title)
involves the teenage lead (you) finding a machine that allows him to shrink and clone himself. Imagine the multiple possibles. :-D Like Mr. E's other interactives there a variety of female characters that could become involved in the story including your girlfriend, stepmother, sisters, cousins, aunts, ex-girlfriends, friends and maid. Included in the interactive are pictures of all these women as well. O_O

A couple of weeks ago marked the 2 year anniversary of my own interactive Comic Book Women's Feet ( It really is very nice that this interactive continues to grow with some great new chapters from Money$ign and 2233445 involving Kitty Pryde and Rogue, Jean Grey, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. *Takes a deep breath*

Speaking of Money$ign...the next spotlight up is his interactive Anime Feet Fest!
This interactive you getting transported to meet your favorite anime girl and having to please her feet. Really hot!! Some of the nice storylines underway include finding yourself at the feet of Misty, Katara, Ino O_O, Kagome and Rukia (Yup the hottie above).

Another story which I've been meaning to spotlight again for some time is Tickling Lacus Clyne by the author Falconwing.( The title pretty much covers the premise of this story. :-) Since I last mentioned this story (way back in June 2008). There have been a lot of really great additions added to this story including the conclusion of a very sweet story arc written by Epsilon7466MK2, Falconwing Gouf and Radiant Phoenix involving tickling, foot massages, a swim on the beach and other romantic moments. (Click here for a directors cut of the story) I think that both tickling fetishist and romantics would really enjoy this story a lot. ^_^

Also, recently updated story is Retrogamer's Cartoon Women's Feet ( involving a storyline with the cute Ghostbusters Secretary Janine. Slimer really luck out in this one. :-D

Ok that will do for tonight guys. Wow...alot of really great writing. :-D

*Whew* After spending a week staring at Rukia's feet and capping her I have a lot to catch up on. I'm working on the final sets of spellcasters along with a massive amount of other sets. If I get the chance...I'd also like to post a few new writing chapters as well. *Whew* A third of the month is gone already and so much to do. I guess I'd better get started. ^_^

On that note...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. 0_0 Wow, Rukia is truly a babe, I never would have thought she had so many foot scenes. I really liked the sole shots the best (Match never disappoints lol).

    Anyways great work on this set Triton...I would so love to spar with she can scissor me that is *blushes*

  2. Yeah I would definitely want to be scissored by her as well Breakthewalls. :-)

    As for the sole shots...a quick warning about them. To minimize barefoot shock...make sure that you take a few steps back from your computer before you click on them. It might be advisable to stock up on Ice too. ^_^;

  3. Ok goes...

    Android 18 1 to 1 (I knew she had a good shot of winning in the beginning but now that she has over 300 while the other girls have yet to break the 100 mark all but seals the deal for her)

    Roll 6 to 1 (Megaman girl makes her easily recognizable)

    Chii 8 to 1 (I think this Anime is fairly well known so her cuteness might pull her ahead.)

    Dorothy 10 to 1 (Another popular anime for its time)

    Alyssa 10 to 1 (It's hard not to think of her when you're thinking about cute robots. :-D Tekken is a fairly popular and current videogame as well

    Cortana 12 to 1 (Has the Halo powerhouse being her but has a lot of ground to make up to catch 18)

    Kos-Mos 15 to 1 (I like Kos-Mos but she's fairly rare compared to the other girls in this poll.She is cute though)

    Dot Matrix 16 to 1 (I think she's slightly rarer then the videogame and anime girls but I think there are a decent amount of people familiar with the series. Still has a long way to go though)

    Alita 20 to 1 (This is a really rare anime robot girl that many probably have never heard of. She looks pretty dominating though)

    Aphrodite IX 25 to 1 (This rare comic book android is incredibly hot but her relative obscurity makes her the longshot in this race).

  4. Alright, here I go!

    18: 1-1 (She's got this in the bag, nothing short of a modern miracle are the other girls going to catch up to her)

    Roll: 4-1 (She's part of the super popular Megaman franchise and is the only girl who has a shot...abeit weak one at dethroning 18 from her place.)

    Dorothy: 7-1 (Before this go started, she was going to be my pick to win this...looks like I underestimated 18's popularity...but she may just be able to pull this one off....with a ton of luck that is.)

    Chii: 7-1 (Truth be told...I never heard of her or her anime ^^; but she looks like she's doing well)

    Cortana: 10-1 (She's from Halo and is the only female character from the series, enough said)

    Alisa Bosconovitch: 12-1 (She's struggling right now...which sucks cause I voted for her :( anyways she is part of the popular Tekken series and is very hot....and she has some foot shots in the game as well :D)

    Kos-Mos: 16-1 (Her game is rather...rare...still she's doing okay)

    Dot Matrix: 20-1 (Now this is one of the rare girls....I haven't even heard of her until this poll...still she does seem to have her fans)

    Alitia: 23-1 (I only know her from seeing her name pop-up here and there, but her anime is kind of rare)

    Aphrodite IX: 25-1 (She's the rarest of them all...which means she's not likely going to get any votes...which is sad since she's incredibly hot!)

  5. mmm she really needs to get out of those stockings more often

  6. actually BtW Chii from Chobits has tons of barefoot scenes, i watched it before i got into capping however she is barefoot nearly all the time

  7. but Dot Matrix never has a single barefoot scene, where would you get your material KSC? The only one in the series for that matter that went barefoot would be AndrAIa when she rebooted in the game Heaven vs Hell, and even then never focused on her below the waist

  8. she was a lot more barefoot in her

    childhood. great post KSC.

  9. Check out this sweet pic of Aquagirl I found.

  10. Bleach is getting as overrated here on Anime Feet as Naruto.

    The Dub is Shit,but the artwork and story is very well done.

  11. though i must admit the 2nd pic is my favorite one without a sole shot, ah i would so love to see Rukia go goth

  12. While my interest has seriously waned in this series, Rukia herself will always be an interesting character. Especially with that scene with her and Kon fairly early on. :D

    As far as the poll goes, my fave on that list is still Alita, primarily as a character as her showing off her robotic feet and toes is incredibly rare. Though, there is a wonderful shot of them in her human form on some of the last pages of volume 9 of the first series.

    And there was another woman in the Halo game series, but Bungie did an impressive job in making her, and most of the human cast, look as fugly as possible in-game and fairly hot in the character artwork. Also, Cortana's feminine form comes from her and Master Chief's benefactor, Dr. Halsley; which, as there's any indication, means both of them are equally hot. ;)

  13. Rukia is definitly sexy. She has some nice foot scenes.

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  15. hey Watermaided, check out the comic Sankarea, i think in chapter two the main character's cousin is taking a bath also provides a nice sole shot

  16. Rukia's awesome. Great update, KSC! She has tons of barefoot scenes in the anime- she spends the whole Soul Society arc barefoot after all. But her best has to be in the 3rd Bleach Movie, where she turns into a hot, evil version of herself. Man, I wish they made Dark Rukia a regular in the manga and anime, so Rukia can catch up to Ichigo powering up all the time...

  17. Yeah its definitely fun to see her without her footwear on Match. ^_^ I like the goth picture of her as well. :-) As for's true...I would have to do quite a bit of searching for her if she won. ^_^ O_O Didn't know Andraia went barefoot at!!

    Thanks Richfeet. I saved some shots of her childhood for an inevitable 2nd bonus involving her. ^_^

    Wow...awesome picture of Aquagirl P. I love that pose showing off both her soles like that. Really have to do a tribute to this character soon.

    The rules for capping are slightly different SFD. When you are trying to get unobstructed pictures dubs are desirable (unless they are censored). Most of these are from a subtitled version though because I had a lot of episodes saved on CD from when I used to watch this anime religiously with my brothers.

    I really loved that early scene involving Kon a lot too Ayane Matrix. I have a somewhat limited knowledge of Battle Angel Alita but she definitely looks very attractive. O_O I'll have to check that volume out. :-) I imagine that it would be really fun to see Cortana posing side by side next to Dr. Hansley. ^_^

    Thanks Watermaiden. :-)

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah Dark Rukia is really awesome. I don't why but its really fun to see a good girl gone bad (especially when she's barefoot). I really have to do a tribute to her evil counterpart as well. ^_^

  18. KSC: If anything, I'd highly recommend checking out Battle Angel Alita and picking up the graphic novels. Though, if you can't find them locally, there's always as they seem to be the only scanalation group working on the series at the moment. There's also a listing for it from the same group on

  19. Comic update: The new Street Fighter Legends series starring Ibuki has come out this week, not only does it features everyone's fave barefoot ninja babe, but it also features Makoto and Elena in it that are also barefoot.

    Pick it up at your local comic store as soon as you can.

  20. KSC,My comment had Nothing to do with your capping. I'm just saying that the dub sucks.

  21. O_O Thanks for the recommendation Ayane Matrix...I'll definitely try to track down and read the Manga. :-)

    Wow...that is incredible news P. It would be really great to see a barefoot ninja and Karate girl and I've been looking for barefoot comic scenes of Elena for a very long time. I'm visiting my comic store and getting the issue the first chance I get. :-)

    ok SFD. ^_^

  22. Just as a side is a list of female androids in fiction, anime, movies, cartoons and videogames.
    They seem like a pretty popular theme. ^_^

  23. I think 18 should be banned from future polls lol its just unfair to the rest of the girls :P

  24. She's really developing a pretty big lead in this one...isn't she? ^_^;

  25. Awesome mega bonus. its gonna be hard to top this one but it Can be done

  26. i personally know a one that will top this one very soon

  27. Hey Match, does the bonus your talking about have anything to do with a certain barefoot, snake like sorceress ;)

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  29. nope, one even bigger than her

  30. Thanks for the recognition (bows and bows on behalf of Falconwing). Even though she may not be as popular as some other characters but still it's nice to see Lacus Clyne in the spotlight again. Those that like the Directors Cut and the versions, please comment, we would like to hear what you think.

  31. What was the episode when she said, "If you're still alive"?