Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tokyo Mew Mew Bridget (Lettuce)

Just a quick St. Patrick's day tribute...this one is for the cute green-haired Mew Mew hottie Bridget.

Bridget is probably my favorite Mew Mew character. I like her shy charm a lot. She's also really pretty too. It sweet heroines like her that make encourage people to do good. Like other water girls, this Mew Mew girl has really nice soft and smooth feet. It's hard to imagine her feet being dry or hardened when she has access to vast reserves or water to soak them with. Would love to see what they feel like either by giving her a relaxing foot massage after she has a long day of protecting the world and working as a waitress or by getting to worshiping her feet as she rubs them in my face. :-) *Goes off into a daydream*

Ok everyone...that basically it for today but as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. Tokyo Mew Mew was one of my favorite mangas just because all the girls would be barefoot constantly. I never watched the anime because it was done by 4kids :(

  2. O_O I have to check the manga for this series out. I only got to see a couple of episodes of this anime...but this girl totally made an impression on me. :-)

  3. ah very nice, always a curse fact with these magic girl shows that they always wear shoes and only focus on the feet when they are covered by lights and then shoes

  4. EH GAD MAN! There's insanely bright green on your page today. -_- It burns my eyes!

    On a related note, it seems that all of the magical fighting girls have transformations that usually focus on their feet first and then move up as their costumes appear. Sadly, stuff like Sailor Moon killed my interest in this sort of series. -_-;

    Oh well... at least the girl you picked does have cute feet. ;)

  5. Here's some video that features anime girls, some getting tickle by animals, the first one is Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist the first version of the series, and the second is Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

  6. Yeah...its true Match sometime those mystic girl transformations can really tease you. :-) Though I have to admit that one of my earliest anime crushes developed from watching Sailor Mars transformation involving her pumps appear on her feet.

    Sorry about that Ayane Matrix ^_^;...I actually almost picked an even brighter shade than that but it made the white lettering too hard to see.

    Yeah the brief foot close up is one of the things I really like about the those type of tranformation scenes. :-)

    Wow...awesome clips P. I can't get over how lucky that puppy is in the first clip. Really lucky cow too. :-) I'm definitely going to try and post both of those. Thanks for them. ^_^

  7. Hehe, got to love those green haired girls. There's something about them that make their feet desirable :D

  8. Green Haired girls are great BTW. ^_^

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  10. Here's a cover to the new comic from Marvel starring Namora with a variant art cover by Ramona Fradon known for being one of the first female comic artists during the Silver Age also known for co-creating Aqualad for DC Comics

    Nice pic, isn't it?

  11. Wow gorgeous picture P. O_O

    And yes really lucky Manta Ray. ^_^

  12. Why the hell must I remind you people to visit my blog(the cartoon historian)? I got a bunch of new stuff that you must check out.

    Anyway,This cutie wears glasses in her civilian form doesn't she?

  13. Crikey this poll is close.

    I saw Roll.exe make an epic catch-up a few days ago and now it's constantly neck and neck. When it's this close I'd kind of like to see both get a feature.

    That said, 18 has already been featured a couple times already, and shown as part of a few other updates too. I'd like to see what KSC could show for Roll's feet because to my knowledge there's only one drawn picture on the internet showing her feet out of those boots and that's the one I requested of vegetossj4.

  14. Been a busy week with my midterms reaching full swing. ^_^; (Finally took my last one this evening) Next week I'm off though. :-D Gonna try to catch up on my web browsing and posting over the weekend. ^_^

    As for the glasses in her civilian form SFD...yup. She's resting them on the strawberry in the second picture. ^_^

    Yeah...this poll is definitely really close Mira. It's very exciting to watch. I wonder which robotic girl will pull off the win.

  15. Only in Japan do they make strawberries green >_>