Friday, March 26, 2010

Spellcaster Feet: Part 5 Circe

Hey guys...sorry for the slow amount of posting's been a really long week. Anyway, here is the next Spellcaster...the sexy witch Circe. Due to Circe's vast history as a nemesis for Wonder Woman (not to mention her roots in Greek Methology), she really has a wide variety of appearances including the ever lovable barefoot villainess.

(These are a combination of various webfinds throughout the net and scenes from the Wonder Woman Comic Series Volume 2: Issues 18 and 19. A special thanks to Circe for giving me a second chance to post her and only mildly torturing me for not including her in the villainess takeover)

Circe is probably my first villainess crush back when I first heard the story of the Odyssey. When I heard about a beautiful enchantress who has a penchant for domination, transmutation and making people her pets, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to be at her mercy. It was really cool to see her reappear as an antagonist for Wonder Woman too. She is one of those dangerous bad girls that you know its probably safer to stay away from...but can't help being attracted to. ^_^She's seductive, and powerful and seems to really delight in bending people to her whim. (Just look at some of the domination type dialogue above. She really likes being the evil. ^_^;) This witch is no stranger to getting her way even creating her own stable of servants and pets eager to please their mistress. As cruel as this character can be, I can't say I would mind if she decided to make me her foot pet. *Blushes*

Alright everyone...that's all for now, (I'll leave you to fantasize about being at Circe's feet ;-D) but as usual more to come soon. ^_^


  1. 0_0 HOT! I always liked Circe when I first read about her as well....there's something about those seductive enchanteress's :D

    Anyways, I really like how in her early comic incarnations, she's barefoot 24/7 and in the one picture with Wonder Woman chained to her bed, I'm amazed she didn't force Wonder Woman to worship her feet right there!

    Oh....and is the next part gonna make me "More Proud of you" ;)

  2. nice post man, I am a regular visitor of your site. Although this is off the topic we are having this month I gotta say, you have never mention any secret agents like agent L in the men in black cartoon series and what about Teela and Evil lyn from the He-man can't forget them! any keep up the great work :)

  3. Now that's another drool worthy sorceress! If she had captured me, I'd do nearly anything just to worship her sexy feet and toes. ^_^

    And like BreaktheWalls mentioned, it's odd that her early incarnations were always barefoot, but it doesn't seem to be the case when DC decided to use her later. Odd, but I guess not everyone is like us. lol

    Also, I found another sorceress/summoner in another comic recently that might perk your interest. The post in question is located at as it has some of the images I found of Victoriana (aka Hoodoo Hex) and links to the artist DA page, along with the comic pages. She's cute as a button and her choice in outfits are wonderful. :D Sadly, she's not entirely evil, but it's not a problem.

    Oh, and if you're into real people, there's another sorceress by the name of Shota that's also barefoot all the time in Sword of Truth series on WB/CW. The wikia page of her, sadly without any good foot shots, at and more info of the show at

  4. sad such a barefoot beauty has yet to make an appearance in a animation

  5. Thanks Breakthewalls. That's definitely what I would want to happen if I was chained to Circe's bed. :-D Also...yes...the bonus you hinted at is next. :-)

    O_O Thank you for your suggestions Comfortably Numb. Completely forgot about L. She's really hot. I like Teela and Evil Lyn a lot too. I especially love Teela in the 2002 He-man series. I'll try to post all these woman. ^_^

    O_O That's a really sexy Dark Arts girl Ayane Matrix. Those pictures of her are nice. O_O I can't believe I didn't think of Shota. I watch that series every week. That's a really great suggestion. I'll definitely try and give her a tribute as well. Thanks very much for all your help.

    Yeah its true Match. She has one appearance in the Justice League series where she turns Wonder Woman into a pig but sadly she's wearing boots in it. :-(

    On a sidenote...the episode that she appears in has one notable moment in it with Batman (Kevin Conroy)singing Kareoke and doing a surprisingly good job.

  6. Ah, Circe. I remember getting that issue of Wonder Woman just for her. It was kinda weird that the art for her was kinda inconsistent- the artist made it a point to give her an unusual nose, which, while not making her ugly, gave her some odd iffy looks in some panels. In any case, who cares about her nose when it's all about her feet, eh? ^_^ Sadly yes, her more recent incarnations in comics don't have her barefoot anymore, which sucks. I wish they just had a witch or enchantress character who HAS to be barefoot since her powers require constant contact with the earth, like Toph from Avatar. Anyway, great post, KSC! It was nice to reminisce...

  7. They do, Sole Keeper, if you of heard Jinx from the Teen Titans cartoon show, well her comic book counterpart is quite different. One thing, she is bald, but her powers do require her to keep in touch with the Earth. Look her up on for pics of her.

  8. Here's what I'm talking about:

  9. (drools) they made Jinx a barefoot sorceress, oh if only in that series they did that

  10. Thanks Sole Keeper. :-)

    I wonder why Modern comic book artists seem intent on making their bad girls wear boots these days. Between Giganta and her I'm in barefoot bad girl withdrawal.

    Wow...that's quite a cool interpretation of Jinx P. I wonder would what the Teen Titans series would have been like if they used that depiction of her. Imagine a cross between the too...Barefoot East Indian Goth with Elemental powers. O_O

  11. Nice post. I've read the issue ('War of the Gods' #3) that ends with her apparently turning Wonder Woman back to clay. Then she looks down at Wonder Woman's clay remains around her bare feet. Hot scene. Circe's a fun, cute character.