Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stepping into the Night:

Well the 23rd Poll of the Month has reached a close...but I'm afraid which Robotic girl won the close voter showdown between Roll and Android 18 will have to remain a mystery for now.

Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the exciting new direction this blog will be headed in. After receiving a lot of complaints that I post too many cartoons and not enough live women's feet on this blog and that I should cater to a larger fanbase of people as well as a recommendation from my usual psychiatrist that I center my blog around one of her favorite book and movie series*...I decided to cave into their demands. :-D

With that in is my honor to announce that I will be converting Anime Feet into... ...

Yup from now on this site will be dedicated to romance, vampires and the feet of the women from the exciting, suspenseful and entertaining Stephanie Myers book series. On that note...more to sink your teeth into soon.

*In fact she loves the series so much...she's even made her own fan film involving it.


  1. Just when I thought I couldn't love this site anymore, you go and seamlessly integrate the world of feet with the world of tween pop culture.

    Well done, now get that Robert Pattinson tribute up, ASAP.

  2. Bellas feet can be seen in panic room

  3. You bastard, I knew you would pull something like this! >_>

  4. Hahaha. This is the kind of "blunt" funny that really works today.

    (By the way, I bookmarked the last poll page. Sorry for being sneaky! I won't say who won.)

  5. Seriously? ew... I'm a lesbian and I wouldn't want to see any fugly sparkling feet... every woman in the series is a spineless, dependent mary sue unworthy of a footslave.

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  7. despite my extreme homophobia i have to agree with Bunny here in every way for this tribute.

  8. What a shame. I thought you had a good thing going with anime feet. Well, anywho, I really hope you can include a Harry Potter girls update in your new site. Thanks in advance.

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  10. also this blog is called animefeet, so why are people complaining that there is not enough LA feet. the point of this site is for feet of animation girls, there is already 50,000,000 sights for LA girl feet tell them to go to there

  11. Amen to that Match. Wait just a Damn minute! Is this an April Fool's Joke? C'mon KSC,tell us that this is just an April Fool's Joke.

  12. O_O I'll try and find it Feetintheclouds.

    You know me pretty well BTW. ^_^; I guess you were on your guard after Star Trek Feet last year.

    The spellcasters definitely really let me have it for preempting them with this Match. ^_^;

    Thanks Mira. ^_^

    I forgot about how those vampires sparkle in the sun Bunny. ^_^;

    O_O I'll keep the Harry Potter girls in mind for the future Anonymous987. it April Fools Day SFD? ^_^;

  13. April Foots Day...That's good!! ^_^ They should make a holiday when women have to show off their bare feet. :-D

  14. Oh man... I was just thinking they'd go barefoot all day, but if they needed to actively flaunt them on top of that...

    I'm not sure I could make it through a day like that! XD

  15. Ehhhh....I disprove.
    The whole point of anime feet is just that....ANIME FEET.

    I mean seriously...what kind of moron would go to a site called "anime feet" and expect real girls...

    But whatever it's already happening...not much I can do.

  16. That would definitely be really hot Mira. ^_^

    Happy April Fool's Day guys. ^_^

  17. It's funny because we were joking about this but apparently they are having a barefoot day where they are encouraging everyone to go barefoot for Charity no less. O_O

    They even got celebrity participants:
    One Day without shoes

  18. Heather Gram

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