Monday, March 1, 2010

Poll of the Month 22 Results

Well the 22nd poll of the month has finally come to an end and after a staggering 2073 votes, here are the results...

It looks like Rukia managed to reap in the foot fans claiming 605 votes and proving that her feet are the ones that most people would love to have playing footsie with their face. :-) In second place was the DBZ heroine Bulma and the cute Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach managed to claim third. As for the rest of these women, they all proved to have people to play footsie with of their own and none of them scored less than 79 votes.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for voting. I really appreciate it very much and I'll try to keep your opinions in future writing and blog entries. (More Bleach Girls Woo hoo!!!) Ok guys I'll try to post a brand new poll of the month tonight as well as a tribute for Rukia soon. ^_^

Have a really great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!


  1. i will have those Rukia pics capped soon KSC, just been busy. Most likely will have them capped by tonight.

  2. O_O Awesome Match...Thanks very much. :-) I'm still capping and compiling material for her too. This one should be really awesome. ^_^

    Oh yeah forgot to add in the little blurb about which character was my favorite for the poll. ^_^; Eventhough, I was just introduced to this character recently, my favorite was Irma Lair. She looks really cute. I also like Jaina Proudmore too. *Nods towards Breakwalls*

  3. Here's some pics of a villainess named Zephyr that Catwoman fought in one of her series.

  4. Yay! It looks like someone I voted for finally one! Woot! And, while I'm not sure you'd be interested or have this, but I do have one of the few doujinshi made where she's using her feet on Kon while he's in Ichigo's body. Probably too adult related for your blog, but if you're interested in checking it out, it's under the listing Bricola, translated by Doujin-Moe.

    And P, dude, what an awesome find! Another barefoot villainess to drool over! :D She may not take the place of Medusa, but she does run close. Too bad there's not a lot more of her listed anywhere after the first version of the Catwoman comic books.

  5. *Sighs* Once again, Jaina is not one....oh well, at least Rukia's kind of hot....I still would have preferred Jaina winning though

  6. Oooh I see robot feet is the topic of the poll. My two favorite things: robots and feet. I'm a bit of a technophiliac and love to watch robots get torn apart while oil and wires cover their delicate artificial feet.

  7. And, on a technical note, Android 18 is not a full robot, she's a cyborg who was once a delinquent before being forced through Dr. Gero's "make a better fighter than Goku" process. She's also capable of having children, which by definition means she's still human in some respects.

  8. O_O Zephyr = Really Hot P. Imagining her in a catfight is really awesome...I wonder if she kicked her feet around during the fight scene. ^_^ Thanks very much for her.

    Rukia's a good choice Ayane Matrix. O_O Would love to see that Doujinshi. ^_^ Oh yeah...maybe should have used the term "robotic", "Cyber-babe" or "Gynoid". ^_^; I think Dot Matrix is a little bit of a stretch as well. ^_^

    Jaina is definitely really hot Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Robotic girls are really cool Feetintheclouds. :-D I think I've seen scenes of female Robots being torn about in the Animatrix, A.I. and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I felt bad for the poor robots though. ^_^; I think if I had a fembot...I would probably program her to be really ticklish so that I could have fun tickling and playing with her feet. ^_^

  9. Here you go KSC:
    That link should take you directly to the doujin and, from there, just look for pages 8 through 11. ^_^

  10. Well KingsSideCastle only 90 of us felt that Irma should of won... :(

  11. i vote for Dorthy, ah cant get enough of that personality of hers. But i have to ask is there any foot shots of her because i cant recall any.

    also you put up Android 18, dont you already have like 3 other posts to her?

  12. It was a very tough choice for me. Between 18 and Dorothy. But in the end I chose dorothy since she hasn't been on this poll before.

    Now If Y'all excuse me,I have gots a Cartoon Quickie to write.

  13. O_O That doujinshi was really hot Ayane Matrix. Lucky Kon. ^_^ Thanks very much for it. :-)

    Yeah Jinto. :-( I think its because Irma isn't too well known yet. It's nice to know that she has at least a few fans though. ^_^

    Dorothy is a great choice guys. ^_^

    Yeah I did a tribute to 18 with other villainesses way back Match. I think she also made guest appearances with the other DBZ girls. ^_^ I might have to do a something special for her if she wins this time. :-)

    Checking it out now SFD.

  14. I think Android 18 should be disqualified for not being a full robot.

  15. I think she would beat me up if I did that. ^_^;

  16. Rukia's a lot more popular than i thought. alot of the bleach girls have a big fan following

  17. Yeah I was very surprised she got over 600 votes especially in a poll with such hotties as Bulma and Peach. ^_^