Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spellcaster Feet Part 6: Jaina Proudmoore w/ Spotlights

Continuing with the Spellcasters, our next woman up is the beautiful Warcraft Sorceress Jaina Proudmoore. Sadly Jaina is quite the tease and its very hard to find pictures of her without her sexy purple boots on. However, Breakthewalls did manage to find an incredibly rare barefoot shot involving her voice actress Jessica Strauss.

(Those are a combination of webfinds and scans from the Warcraft Comic Book series. As mentioned above, a huge thank you to Scissor Expert and #1 Jaina fan Breakthewalls for inspiring, organizing, and finding images for this bonus)

One of the big appeals of Sorceresses is the amount of power that they have over you. Case in point...looking at the powerful mage above, she could easily shrink you down, or make you her insole or footstool with a simple spell. Of course in Jaina's case she doesn't need her powers to bring you to her feet. All this gorgeous woman has to do is give a warm smile and she would have a devoted footslave for life. In addition to her beauty and power, Jaina is an intelligent and powerful leader and possesses an amazing amount kindness and strength of will. She really is an incredibly character. ^_^ go along with this tribute to Jaina, here are a couple of Warcraft Spotlights you guys might enjoy...


Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion by Breakthewalls
I've spotlighted this Story quite a bit in the past but it also has two really great Story arcs going on involving both Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner's feet written by the authors Breakthewalls (yup this bonus' sponsor) and Saicrit. I should probably mention that there are some other good non-Warcraft threads in this interactive as well. ;-)

Shrunken in the World of Warcraft by Gilgamesh
This story has you shrinking and finding yourself at the mercy of different female members of the horde and alliance races. My favorite storylines so far involve the main character (you) forced to be at the feet of a human female alliance member, a night elf and a female dwarf. O_O

World of Warcraft Feet Fetish by Infidel12312
Similar to the last interactive, this story has you at the mercy of different Warcraft races but has a much more specific focus on feet. There are some really great storylines involving the feet of and female blood elf (blood elf girls totally rock) and night elf. Enjoy everyone. :-D

Ok have to get up early so that will basically be it for tonight but as usual more to come soon!!


  1. kind of a bummer, there was not a single (animated) foot picture in the batch.

  2. All I got to say is that it's about damn time Jaina got a if only the comic artist would actually allow her comic incarnation to get a foot scene at least once :(

    Hopefully there might be one in the upcoming Graphic Novel.

    Still at least her VA shot is pretty decent and she's hot enough as is, so if she was barefoot, I think she'll send everyone into barefoot shock lol.

  3. Yeah...25 issues, 2 mini series and several games without showing Jaina's bare feet is just criminal.

    I also would have really loved to see the Blood Elf Valeera's feet too. Ah well something to hope for in the future.

    Thanks again for setting up this tribute BTW.

  4. Yeah....but we gotta see a foot pic at least once.

    Though, at least the comic was good :)

    Your welcome KSC, thanks for posting this tribute :D

  5. Not bad.

    Oh,speaking of Anime,the Toonami lesson is up now. come check it out.

  6. the link would be helpful Stefan

  7. Just click on my name and where my blogs are listed,click on The Cartoon Historian.

    Hope that helps Match?