Monday, March 15, 2010

Spellcaster Feet Part 4: Final Fantasy XIII Fang

This no doubt hints at how I've been spending my weekend. ^_^; Final Fantasy girls rarely show off their feet that often so its really nice to see one wearing footwear that shows off her toes and heels. ^_^ To top it off said female character is a spellcaster as well. O_O

In terms of appearance Fang sort of resembles a wilder version of Rinoa sporting a blue dress and black hair but in a much rougher/tougher fashion. (My brother described her look as a cross between Rinoa and Lulu). One of the things I really like about Fang is that she has a cute Australian accent. She's also seems like a fun character though she definitely possesses a toughness to match her appearance. You can easily picture her teasing or dominating you with her feet as the case may be. Fang's footwear sort of resemble a leather version of Kurenai's (from Naruto) sandals and expose this character's attractive toes and heels which completely match the new game's graphics in beauty.

Ok...I'm typing this entry between school and work so I'm going to have to end this entry here. Have a great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. I Gave up on the Final Fantasy series after 10.

  2. mmm its good to see the Spellcasters back. Cant wait to see that megabonus at the end

  3. Wow....Fang looks awesome. I really like her wild look...and her choice of foot ware is awesome as well :D

    I wonder what they would smell like after a long day ^_^

  4. Now you're just giving me reasons to play this game just to bask myself in HD glory!

  5. If only there were more pictures *cries*

    Stefan you should give 12 a try its a good game :)

    Fav FF13 character used to be vanille then i came across Fang and well the footwear is a great plus there isnt anything to dislike about her :D

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  7. Minor grips, Fang's not much of a spellcaster. In fact she's got the highest physical strength in the game.

    I dunno. The footwear does show a little, but it just doesn't do much for me.

    Another irritation in XIII is that despite the number of female NPCs in beach getup, every last one of them I've seen so far has sandals on.

    Definitely worth a mention though, that towards the start of chapter 8 one of the NPCs is doing a fantastic sandle dangle while sat at a table. If I still have a save at the start of that chapter I'll see if I can take a video of it.

    By the way, back in February 2008 you posted a couple stills from a scene in Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm not much a fan but I thought they looked great, so I took a few more, and made a composite image of the frames. You can find it here if you're interested.

  8. Been addicted to this game over the weekend lol. Sadly its been a busy week and I probably won't get the chance to play it again until Friday.

    So far this series hasn't disappointed me yet SFD. ^_^

    I definitely missed their magic touch Match. I'm looking forward to the climax as well. ;-)

    Thanks Breakthewalls. I would love to physically find that out. :-D

    Oh yeah I like the graphics in this game a lot Ayane Matrix.

    I'll try to do an more in depth bonus for her Jinto getting some close ups from the game. I liked Final Fantasy 12 a lot as well. :-)

    Well...I don't really think I'm stretching that much because she can use magic in the game Mira (not to mention she's the only one of the main character who can use it the moment she joins your party). Granted all the leads can use magic in this one though.

    Yeah I kept hoping for barefoot beach moments too. There was one moment in particular where I hoped Serah would take off her footwear during a beach encounter.

    O_O just got out to chapter 8 myself

    Wow those pictures and animations of the Dark Magician Girl are very nice. ^_^

  9. they have the technology, i dont know why they dont show more barefoot FF girls

  10. mmm have a female character that is always barefoot

  11. Heh, one that fights by kicking too?

  12. Would definitely love to see that happen as well. ^_^

  13. Technically, isn't there a catgirl character that's barefoot in the new Star Ocean game on the PS3/360? o.0?

    I could be wrong, but the artwork for her suggests otherwise.

  14. barefoot cat girl (runs of to find)

  15. is this who you mean Matrix Meracle Chamlotte?

  16. Wow that Catgirl is so hot. I want to get the game now just to play with her. CG feet are really great. ^_^