Monday, May 24, 2010

Solty Rei

Ok...I finally finished with my final exams and projects. (It actually feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. ^_^;) Now fully rested...I can finally post at full power again and finally tackle the massive backlog of material that I need to catch up on posting. :-D So without further's a tribute to the hot Sci-Fi babe hottie Solty Revant from the anime Solty Rei. ^_^ Enjoy guys!!!

(These awesome caps were sent in by the Great Richfeet himself. Thanks very much man!!)

I don't really know too much about this anime but being a huge science fiction fan...I'm really tempted to check it out. Judging from the Wikipedia article and these pictures, the storyline has sort of a futuristic western feel to it. It really looks like a lot of fun. The lead character in this one (the sexy barefoot girl depicted above) is a female robot and a green haired one at that. Woot!! She seems to have some really cool fembot powers too including superhuman strength, speed, a cool rapid healing factor. She can also vibrate her body really fast to pulverize obstacles in her way. Nice!!!

Ok guys enjoy these caps and I'll try to post some more material soon. I really love summer!! ^_^


  1. my finals are finished too!


    thanks for posting solty!!

  2. I remember that anime series! Wow, it's been years since I first saw it and it fits in nicely with the Bubblegum crisis series (hardsuits and mindset anyway).

    If anything, further into the series there are more shots of other female characters barefoot that are worth screen capping! If you need them, let me know and I'll dig out my discs and send what I can. ;)

  3. Great post KSC :D Is does look like a hottie....and she seems to have great legs....for a certain hold ;)

  4. very lovely, just curious are you going to be adding more sci fi beauties (ie like aliens?)

  5. Congratulations as well Richfeet. ^_^

    O_O Would really love to see those scenes Ayane Matrix. This anime looks really cool. Thanks very much for offering.

    She does look like she can give a really great Scissor Breakthewalls. :-D

    Feisty bentou loving aliens Match? ;-)

  6. That 4th cap is exhilarating! Great job. As for me, I haven't even started my bloody finals.

  7. Didnt expect to see Solty on here lol

    But its another good surprise also need to finish the series if i can find my disks again

    only sad thing is i think the first few eps are the only ones with her barefoot and there might be some when they visit the pool as well

  8. Definitely Match. ^_^

    Thanks Digiharrisom...good luck on your finals. ^_^

  9. Thanks Jinto ^_^ It would really cool if a pool scene involving her existed. Really love the idea of seeing this sexy robot in a swimsuit. :-D

  10. Well, I just finish screen capping the series with a variety of foot shots. Sadly, most of the really good ones were fairly early on in the series.

    Anyway, do you want me to send them to Match like before or directly to you?

  11. I think that either way would be alright since Match will probably forward them if you e-mail him.(I think he would enjoy seeing them too)You could even CC or e-mail to both if you prefer.

    Anyway...thanks very much for capping this Ayane Matrix.

  12. They're on the way KSC! ^_^

    I just hope that you find them useful. ;)

  13. Those were really great. Thanks very much for them Ayane Matrix