Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ayane Bonus 2

Ok...the next ninja girl up is the lovely Ayane from the Dead or Alive series. I don't know if its the purple hair, her deep penetrating gaze, the large amount of fanservice that accompanies any DOA girl but I have a huge crush on this character. Enjoy guys!!

(Various webfinds and caps from youtube clips of her. ^_^)

Some more of this sexy ninja from an earlier post:

Running a little short on time this let me quickly sum up Ayane with...never has such powerful Ninja awesomeness come in such a cute package.

Ok more Ninja females coming up. ^_^ (I think I'm contractually obligated to post at least a few Naruto Kunoichis. ;-D) On that note...more to come soon guys.


  1. you can so tell these games are designed by guys for guys lol

    mmm this just makes me even more eager for that other bonus of a similar manner

  2. I love Ayane :D She's my fave in the series... She's so cute but so dominant at the same time. I would love her to scissor me into submission and then put her feet on my face, dominating me and teasing me.

    Oh....I really hope you do one on her sister, Kasumi as well :D

  3. Yeah definitely pure unbridled fanservice Match. :-D As for the similar bonus...looking forward to that that as well. :-)

    Ayane's my favorite DOA girl as well BTW. O_O Getting scissored, dominated and teased by her feet sounds really hot.

    Kasumi? Ok...I'll try to do one for her too. ^_^

  4. Wow these bonus' are a real surprise. I was expecting a bunch of Naruto girls but instead you actually do the 2 ninja girls I like the most :)

  5. Ok goes
    Yoruichi 1 to 1 (Bleach seems to be at peak popularity right now and there's no Pokemon or Naruto girls this time to contest her)

    Shampoo (3 to 1) In a site called anime looks like the anime girls have an advantage her. Shampoo still has quite a bit of votes to catch up with Yoruichi though

    Ichigo (5 to 1) She's hot and fairly well known...but can she catch Yoruichi.

    Catwoman (7 to 1) Selina is definitely really well known but she'll have to climb quite a bit to win this one.

    Black Cat (8 to 1) She's actually doing quite well...I'm really impressed.

    Blair (10 to 1) She has her share of fans but she's a minor character. It might be hard for her to pull off a win. Still Soul Eater seems quite popular.

    Felicia (15 to 1) Cute fairly well known videogame catgirl. She probably won't win but she'll definitely get her fair share of votes before this is over

    Cheetara (20 to 1) This classic character will have to move up faster if she hopes to win this. Still nice to see she has her share of fans who remember and like her.

    Himari (25 to 1) It looks like she's fairly obscure. She's definitely really hot and a cool character though.

    Meracle Chamlotte (25 to 1) Despite being the inspiration for this poll this character's rarity makes her a real long shot to will this. Still a cute catgirl who exposes her feet. ^_^ Will she be able to pull off a miracle?

  6. Yoruichi: 1-1 (She's by far the favorite in this poll. Not only is she in the popular Bleach series but she also has an impressive fanbase herself)

    Shampoo: 4-1 (She's from the popular and classic Ranma 1/2 series and is the only character who has a chance in this)

    Ichigo: 7-1 (She seems to be rather popular)

    Blair: 8-1 (Soul Eater is very popular and she does seem to have her own fan base)

    Black Cat: 8-1 (She's doing better then I thought...though she's perfect for the pull, considering how much of a tease she could be ;) )

    Catwoman: 10-1 (I'm amazed that she isn't doing better....considering she's one of Batman's sexiest enemies and I voted for her. Though, she does have a chance for doing better)

    Felicia: 11-1 (This sexy nun cat does have a chance...albeit it's a small one though)

    Cheetara: 14-1 (This sexy classic character as a long way to go in order to win.)

    Meracle Chamlotte: 17-1 (I think she has quite a struggle ahead of her, considering the fact that she's quite the rare find)

    Himari: 20-1 (Easily the rarest girl on here. It'll take nothing more then a modern day miracle for her to win.)

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  8. Woo! Can't have ninja feet without some of the memorable DoA scenes. Especially Ayane. I suspect Kasumi might be following shortly?

    Meanwhile we've also got Taki whose feet can be seen in numerous outfit combinations thanks to Soulcalibur IV...

    Seems this month's poll is a foregone conclusion. For my part it's a pity Shampoo and Felicia just aren't so popular, and as Stefan says, no Aisha?

  9. Off-topic, it's been almost two months since the last features.

    Which I guess isn't much of a surprise, there hasn't been much new there for a while now. Mostly occasional additions to the Yu-Gi-Oh interactive.

    Still a pity though.

  10. Sorry for sounding pushy before guys,Y'know about my blog.

    Anyway,I think you should redo this poll and add Aisha Clan Clan. Or you could do a Bonus of her anyway.

  11. Sorry for going MIA for the past couple of days guys. It's been a really busy week with my semester ending. ^_^

    Great set of Odds BTW. ^_^

    Oh yeah Aisha is hot guys. I probably won't restart the poll since there are already 800 votes in it Stefan but I'll try to give her an honorary tribute. ^_^

    Yeah I really like Ayane too Veroom. ^_^ I'll have to search a little for Kasumi but I'll try to do a tribute for her in the future. Oh yeah it's been awhile since I've done a writing spotlight. They take a lot of energy to put together. ^_^; I'll try and do a new set soon. Yeah I really enjoy reading the Yugioh interactive too. :-)

  12. Thanks KSC. Sorry If I sounded nasty,I'm just having a bad week.

  13. Awesome post! Are we gonna get Ibuki from street fighter?

    And...though she isn't a ninja...Juri?

  14. Ok Stefan. :-)

    Thanks Vayne. Ibuki currently has a four issue mini-series out so I'm in the process of gathering material for a mega tribute to her. The last issue is coming out next month so hopefully I'll be able to post her soon. ^_^ I'll try and post Juri as well. :-D

  15. Good god this girl is sexy! Are these cutscenes or what you actually do in the game?

  16. Thanks Digiharrisom. I think that most of these scenes are from unlockable clips (i.e. pole dancing etc)although you can select what swimsuit the characters wears in them. :-D The game itself is a beach volleyball game though it does have its share of fanservice type of minigames too. :-D