Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mai Shiranui (Bonus) promised here are a couple of tributes to Ninja girls. ^_^ First up is the Fire Ninja Mai Shiranui. ^_^

(Various webfinds of Mai Shiranui. Special thanks goes to the Sole Keeper for posting some of the hotter images of her earlier. ^_^)

A couple of years ago, I did a Ninja girl poll and it was quickly pointed out to me that I forgot to include this hottie. Mai is a really great character and she's definitely extremely popular often ranking within the top 50 videogame girls of almost every gaming magazines' list. When you look at her it, its easy to see why. She has gorgeous body which she has no problem flaunting easily making her every fanboy's dream. Naturally, every gamer loses the first match against her because they're too busy staring at her shall we say extra bouncy animations to notice her devastatingly powerful ninja movies. In some of her games, foot fetishists are even more vulnerable to her because 0f her hot choice of footwear that expose her toes and heels.

It would be awesome to be foot teased by this girl getting playfully kicked by her or having her wiggle her toes in your while she rubs her feet around and forces you to smell them. :-)

Ok everyone...right now I'm very close to finals week so my updates might be sparse over the next couple of weeks but I'll to do a few. ^_^

A couple of more Ninja Hotties to come soon!!


  1. 0_0 Hot post KSC! I love Mai. Not only is she hot but she has a foot scissor throw :D

    *Drools at the thought of Mai foot scissoring me with her sexy bare feet*

  2. The transition from Fatal Fury Special to Fatal Fury 3 was like a hot woman getting naked.

    A hot woman's feet in this case ^_^

  3. Mai has got to be one of the sexiest ninja girls alive. She wears revealing clothes, has a nice ass, nice boobs everything about her defines sexy! Great post KSC!

  4. i doubt im the only one cursing those black socks

  5. Thanks BTW. O_O She has a foot scissor move? Would definitely love for her to administer it on me as well. :-D

    It's true Juancho. It's really awesome when we get to see a girl finally expose her feet after so long. ^_^

    Footwear removal = Striptease for Foot fetishist. :-D

    Thanks Digiharrisom. Yeah this Ninja girl is definitely the epitome of sexiness. ^_^

    Yeah Match. Note to Game Developers Barefoot customization of female characters should be a mandatory feature. ^_^

  6. She shows a good view of her feet in her bathtub scene in the Fatal Fury 2 anime film. I have that scene on my site.

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the fantastic post about such a hot character and for your work! Mai is one of my favourite Vg babes and the realistic (and awesome) art of Shinkirou really gave her some of the hottest pair of feet ever. Here's something: a little pack of pictures, some bigger than the ones posted and one from Fatal Fury Wild Ambition in wich Mai sports a new type of footwear that sadly hides most of her feet but shows some lovely toes with painted nails.

    Here's the link:

    Oh, and a little bonus. A VERY old picture of mine from my gallery on deviantart!

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  8. O_O That bath scene was hot Watermaiden. Hard to believe the angle she gives you. ^_^ Thanks for posting and sharing it.

    Also thanks for the Images Bountydog. They were really great as well.

    Wow...I need to give this gorgeous Ninja girl a follow up post. :-)