Friday, May 28, 2010

School Rumble: Karen Ichijou

Ok...following up the last school rumble is a tribute to Karen Ichijou.

(These are from Season 2 episode 20. A massive thank you to Jajc05 for capping this scene.)

Karen is a really interesting character. She comes off as very sweet and shy but at the same time is a really strong fighter and on the school's wrestling team. There is a running joke in the anime playing off the fact that she is unexpectedly strong. Karen is pretty and nice that I think that most guys (even ones without a fetish) would be really happy to give her a foot rub if they noticed this girl complaining about her feet being tired or sore. Who wouldn't want to make this cutie feel good?

Ok everyone...that's all for tonight. I'm going to try to release a new set of Writing Spotlights soon. (Maybe over the weekend). I'll also try to give you guys my updated list of writing projects as well as a look into some of the upcoming posts. Wow...a lot to do. On that note more to come soon!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!


  1. you really should do more school rumble, they have lots of barefoot scenes

  2. Great work on this man....personally I envy the guy that's in the armbar...not only does he get to feel her legs but he gets an awesome view of her feet as well :D

  3. wrestling school girls... sounds good for kaname chidori to me XD lol!!! can't wait to have a look at the stuff you've written KSC - do I need a password and username to see it - which reminds me, I've gotten a taste for writing stories, stories of characters (misty, toph, kiki, kaname, ariel,etc.) that I know you and other people might want to have a look at, only thing is I don't know what to do with them, where to put them so if you could help me to help you then I'd really appreciate it : )

  4. I'll try Blackviper1201.

    Thanks Breakthewalls. Yeah me too. I would also love for her to figure four me or use me as a dummy to practice her wrestling moves on. ;-)

    Definitely some tomboy qualities to her Match :-)

    Thank Martin. Most of my writing is posted here
    My Writing Portfolio
    You don't need a writing account to read it but if you would like to set up an account there to post your own writing, it is free to register. I would love to read your writing too. ^_^