Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poll of the Month 24 Results

Ok the 24th poll of the month has come to an end. After an intense 1,976 are the results...

Well...It looks like the Ninja Girls managed to sneak in from the shadows and claim victory this time around proving that their well trained feet are the ones that most voters like best with 592 votes. :-) In second place were the highly pampered royal feet of princesses and the busy feet of female teachers claimed third. As for the rest of these girls...they all have their own set of fans and none of them scored less then 59 votes (though the villainesses are demanding a recount and the female assassins are vowing vengeance on all who dared vote against them).

Once again I'd like give a really massive thank to everyone for voting and I will definitely try to keep your opinions in mind for future bonuses and writing. (I'll try and do a couple of Ninja girl tributes soon :-D). I'll try to remember princesses and school teachers as well.

Ok...I'll try to post a new poll in a little bit as well as a few tributes to Kunoichi feet over the next couple of days. I have a few characters in mind...but are there any Ninja girls that you guys would like to see?

Anyway as usual...more to come soon guys!!


  1. So which group of women were my personal favorites? It was a really tough choice but I would have to go with Superheroines. I think the combination of Supergirl, Batgirl, Storm, Jean Grey, Black Canary, Huntress, Rogue, Jubilee and the Invisible Woman is just too tempting to resist. Of course I will deny having said this if Ino or Azula asks. ^_^;

    Anyway great voting guys. :-D

  2. I voted for sorceress/witch feet, but I'm glad I was in the minority, since you've covered that group pretty thoroughly.

    Some Naruto villainesses would be nice, but random ninja feet shouldn't be tough to find. :]

  3. everyone can guess villainess was my pick lol

  4. Great choices guys. :-)

    I'll see what I can do in the way of Naruto villainesses Adam. ^_^

  5. i must say so KSC i do not believe we gave Lua the proper worshiping time she deserved, she was barely on for 12 hours before a new post was made

  6. I picked Fighters. Considering that group includes Christie Monterio, Cammy, Chun-Li, Juri, Hakufu, Makoto, Elena, R.Mika, Tina, Makoto, Asuka Kazama, Kanu and my personal favorite of them all....Ryomou Shimei ;)

  7. Speaking of fighter girls, KSC, I just posted a larger version of the Juri-Hakan artwork on my page, better for using on desktops. ^_^ Anyway, great stuff. I think I voted for fighting game girls too...

  8. Yeah its true...Lua deserves a couple of days of screen time Match. I think I'm going to update, reshuffle and move her to the top for another 24 hours.

    I'll try and post some other ninjas in addition the Naruto girls Feetintheclouds. There's one in particular that I'm looking forward to posting.

    O_O Yeah its true the female fighters have a great set of women as well BTW. :-D

    O_O Awesome Sole Keeper...Going to check it out and download it now. ^_^

  9. Hmm... I couldn't tell if Azula was in the princess group or the villainess one... so I went with villainess. :P

  10. Heh, I know how you feel Bunny, I've also had trouble determining on wither Ryomou would be considered a waitress (She was one for a brief amount of time in the series) or a I decided fighter.

  11. why do i believe Yoruichi is going to win?

  12. Oh yeah...Some women fell into both categories allowing you to chose either one if you are looking for a specific girl. ^_^ I like both your choices Azula and Villainesses are hot Bunny. As are Ryoumou and female fighters Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Yeah it look she's really starting to pull ahead Match. I guess that Bleach is at peak popularity at the moment. ^_^

  13. well hopefully at one time or another those other girls will get their feet the worshiping they deserve

  14. I voted for Shampoo as shes 2nd on the list there but know any Bleach character will get a ton ov votes :(

    maybe we will get a late come back :D

  15. Shampoo is definitely really hot Jinto. ^_^