Friday, May 14, 2010

Ninja Feet: Sakura (Bonus)

It impossible to do a thorough tribute to Ninja Girl's feet without doing at least a couple of tributes to the Naruto kunoichis. Because of is another tribute to the most prominent female in the series Sakura Haruno. Once again the Hot Pink-haired Ninja girl is up to her old tricks allowing some really lucky puppies to sniff around her feet and showing off her soles as she uses her medical training to heal a fellow ninja. Enjoy Guys!!

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from Naruto episode 168 and Shippuuden 123. Massive thank yous to Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and Cashcrate for tipping me off to the scenes in these episodes.)

Back in October 2008 I promised that I would try to cap every scene where Sakura was even remotely barefoot. Slowly but surely (with a lot of help from you guys) I've managed to cap over 20 scenes involving this sexy kunoichi's bare feet. As it stands...these are all the scenes that I know about...

Barefoot Moments: (Barefoot Shock Warning!!)

Not Completely Barefoot but still really hot!!: (guest star) (guest star) (guest star)*

So...did I finally get them all? If you guy know any scenes that I missed involving her...please let me know and I'll cap and post them. ^_^

Ok everyone...this will probably be a busy weekend for me but I'll try to post again as soon as I can. More Ninja hotties still to come. :-D

*While Sakura fails to go barefoot in that bonus, another sexy Ninja hottie does. ;-)


  1. It's matter how many times I see Sakura's feet....I always want to see more...maybe she has that effect on me :D

  2. Me too. ^_^ Between her Ino and the other female Konoha Ninjas feet...*goes into barefoot shock just thinking about it*

  3. Wow nice stuff. I love sakura - best ninja eva!!! and yoruichi would be my option 4 the catgirl to snuggle up next 2 - she looks smooth ^_^ anyways - guys I've come across this website - its really gr8 so check it out if you want:- Match25 - I'm in need of your help, I have seen your page on youtube - awesome stuff - even the sole cards in the scrapbook are amazing which is what i need your help with... the card - transportation, I've seen clips of it "oh my goddess" in this link - - I do not know the episode number so if you (anyone else) know(s) I would really appreciate it. Oh and KSC - keep up the good work, this things only gonna get better by the beautiful gems we are all finding to fill this hugee treasure chest ;)

  4. Thanks Martin. Sakura and Yoruichi are definitely really hot. ^_^ Also thank you for the site link.

    As for the Ah My Goddess scene...I think the episode you are looking for is from the Ah My Goddess OAV episode 2 "Midsummer Night's Dream". Hope that helps. ^_^

  5. Nice stuff! But I think you've been missing one very good barefoot scene with Sakura in Naruto Shippuuden 57-58. It's in the omake between the two episodes, where she's in Naruto's room. You get an amazing barefoot shot when a cockroach crawls past her feet, and somewhat of a sole shot when she jumps back from the shock. Personally, one of my favorite barefoot scenes with her. XD

  6. O_O Hot scene Hanekoma. I'll definitely try to post this one too. Thanks very much for it. :-D

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  8. O_O Very interested. I really love that series a lot. My e-mail is

    Thanks very much for offering Libra. ^_^