Sunday, August 1, 2010

Championship Poll 2

Ok...the second championship poll has come to an end. After a whopping 2337 votes and the ultimate head to head between previous poll winners, here are the result...

It looks like the gorgeous Pokemon Coordinator Dawn won this contest soundly defeating the other girls, proving her feet are the ones that most people would want in their face and claiming her place as the ultimate Anime Feet 2010 champion!! In second place was the beautiful Sorceress/Alien babe Gwen Tennyson and in third place was the sexy waterbender Katara. No need to feel bad for the rest of these girls, they all proved to have foot fans of their own and even the lowest voted member of this poll Roll would not have trouble finding some love for her feet.

Once again I would just like to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and as always I'll try to keep all your opinions in mind for further tributes and writing. ^_^

Ok everyone...I got back late tonight so a lot of things to catch up on really quickly. I'll try to post a new poll a little later tonight. I'll also try to post a tribute to Dawn pretty soon. I'll also try to finish up posting the rest of the blondes as well.

More to come soon guys!!


  1. Which girl was my favorite? I think a lot of you guys already know but my heart lies with the hot Pokemon trainer Flannery. :-D Was really happy to see her get at least 100 votes.

    Anyway Great Voting everyone!! ^_^

  2. The polls aren't very fun when the outcome is so predictable.

  3. I guess Dawn's fanbase did gave her a huge advantage. ^_^ I thought that would be a much more even match up though. I expected Rukia and Katara to give her a much closer fight then they put on. :-D

  4. Dawn seems to be getting all the glory these days.

  5. Despite being comparatively obscure to others, Gwen and Irma have shown themselves to have sizable fanbases.

  6. No Misty in the redhead poll? Bad ;)

  7. I wonder if Misty was left out because Dawn won so easily.

    I'm not so sure, Misty's era is probably before the time of many of the voters.

    Either way, this one's all Kairi, with a probably comfortable second for the Naruto character.

  8. I think after some R&R both Misty and Gwen will eventually return to face off against Nami in a future poll. :-D

  9. I was hoping for Katara to win...obviously, that did not happen.

    As for this current poll, I'm pulling for Kairi to win (and it looks like she's going to, which I'm very happy about.)

  10. Katara is great BTW.

    Wow Kairi is a cool choice. :-D I was way off...I thought you would go for either the Psychic or Crimefighter. ^_^

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  12. I still don't see the appeal in pokemon women in general. They aren't dominatrix material, and their personalities can be summed up with a simple cliche. ...And their feet have no detail whatsoever.

  13. The details on the Pokemon girls feet seem to vary with the episodes. sometimes they have toenails and other times they don't. I guess it depends how much of a rush the animators were in.