Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Totally Spies: Clover Animation

Ok...with the last bonus set there were a lot of requests for an animation involving the scene with Clover wiggling her toes. ^_^ It's not really my specialty but I gave it a shot. Hopefully someone will post a higher quality version later. *Crosses fingers for a Virtual Soles, Daily Motion or Youtube clip in the future.* Anyway, enjoy Clover repeatedly wiggling her toes in your face guys!!
gif animator
Gif animator

(Massive thank you to Forgotten Toon Girls Digiharrisom for suggesting this as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots and Tomfrends for providing the caps I used to make this gif )

In case anyone is curious...I made this animation using the Picasion Gif animator (linked underneath the picture above). It seems to work very nicely though I had to experiment with animation speed and which caps to use to provide the best results. There's also a limit of 10 caps you can animate at once and the maximum size is set at at 450px width. ^_^

Ok guys that's all for today. As usual more to come soon. :-)


  1. I can actually watch this all day.

  2. Woah. That is definitely boner inducing to any foot fascinative! Also thanks for the mention KSC! :) I'm working on the back to school posts as we speak .

  3. Nice work KSC, gotta say, I think you have a talent for GiF's....especially ones as sexy as this :D

  4. Man... This is awesome.

    Like I said in the original bonuses, Clover is the best!! ^_^

    Totally Spies! animators must really enjoy drawing these girls barefoot.

  5. What's the context for this clip?

  6. Your wish is my command, KSC! Once I find the TS Movie, I'll post a clip straightaway. ^_^ For now though... MAN that is awesome...

  7. What sexy toes. I'd like to play with them :D. BTW,how did you make that Animated Gif,KSC?

  8. Thanks P. Yeah I think I lost a lot of time last night watching Clover's toes wiggle over and over.

    No problem. ^_^ Looking forward to your posts Digiharrisom. ^_^

    Thanks very much BTW. :-)

    Thanks Juancho. Clover definitely rocks!! It would be really great if there are animators out there who enjoy doing that.

    I'm not sure Sandmaster. It looks like she got drenched. Maybe Match or Tomfrends know the answer to that.

    Yay...really awesome Sole Keeper. Thank you. ^_^

    Thanks Stefan. I used the Picasion gif animator which is linked below Clover's picture. You upload the pictures you want to animate there and it will create a gif for you. :-)

  9. nice gif you really know how to please the fans :D

  10. im shocked you havent gif Mandy's barefoot walk

  11. I personally find toe wiggling more arousing. That should be a poll in the future. "What foot motion do you find more attractive?"

  12. i think its because it just seems like the girl is teasing the people watching

  13. Sweet awesomeness. Here's my l8est find: veronica from the archies wierd mysteries cartoon, prepare 4 toe wiggling action and giantess foot POV's/ sole shots: -

  14. :-D Mandy's feet definitely look hot in animation Match.

    That's a great idea for a poll Digiharrisom. I like Toe wiggling too. I think that my favorite motion is a POV step or kick when the foot comes right towards your face. Footwear Dangling is pretty hot too. Any other types of motions that you guys like?

    *Jaw drops* Awesome episode thanks so much for her Martin. ^_^ Wow in addition to resembling Mandy...Very has a similarly titled GTS episode that's really cool. I wonder which of those episodes aired first.

  15. As an extension 4 digiharrisom's gr8 idea 4 a poll - y not do a poll where its who has the best toe wiggling action? clover,ursula,kiki, ariel,veronica. Just an idea? ^_^

  16. O_O A toe wiggling poll sounds massively hot Martin...might have to make a few more gifs for it. :-D

  17. It's mesmorizing! Like, she's actually trying to tease all of us who is, probably, drooling from those toes.

    Definately a money shot KSC $$