Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dawn Championship Bonus promised here is a tribute to Dawn Hikari. ^_^

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Pokemon anime. Included in this set are caps from the 12th pokemon movie and the episodes "Mastering Current Events", I have to give a massive thank you to Pokemon Expert Juancho who really went all out for this bonus finding scenes and webfinds and capping them. He really did a tremendous amount of work for this one.)

A couple of extras...First there's a really cute clip Juancho found that has her getting upset and using a foot related expression here:

Also I think most of Dawn's best scenes were posted in two earlier bonus sets which you guys can view here:
and here

On the plus side...I think that with this third bonus...we have now officially posted ever single scene even remotely involving Dawn's bare feet in both the anime and manga so far. If you guys know any scenes that we missed just let me know and (similar to the previous champion Sakura) I will try to find and post them. :-)

Also added into the mix in this bonus is a new hot springs picture for you guys to test your Pokemon character recognition skills with. ;-) Mine need a lot of work lol.

With the current Pokemon story arc coming to a close and Ash gaining a new female companion to travel with...I have to say that I'm really going to miss Dawn a lot (I missed Misty and May when they left too). :-( In her time traveling with Ash, she definitely made her mark on the series with her cute appearance, playfulness, compassionate personality and sexy pink boots. :-) Thanks very much for the memories Dawn. ^_^

Ok...more to come soon everyone!!


  1. the sixth one from the bottom is disturbing

  2. I thought that it was fairly tame compared to some possible images for this bonus that didn't make the cut right away but maybe it is a little bit too risque....I'll remove it. ^_^

  3. Crap. I wanted to see it. The rest of the post is still good though.

  4. It was one of those edgy pictures that I was sort of on the fence about posting to begin with. Just in case anyone is really curious...the picture is posted here...Risque Dawn shot
    view at your own discretion. ;-)

  5. dawn foot and soles in the new pokemon japanese ending

  6. dawn feet in another episode

    at 6:49

  7. so want to see that tomboys feet

  8. *Jaw drops* Wow...awesome barefoot scenes involving Dawn Meca-Yugi. Thanks very much for both of these. :-D

    Yeah Zoey is definitely really hot Match. ^_^