Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gundam Seed: Cagali (Mega Bonus) W/ Spotlights

Ok attempting to finish up the rest of the blonde is a tribute to the hot Gundam Seed Pilot, Princess of orb, Resistance Fighter and Diplomat Cagali Yula Athha.

Being a bit of a tomboy, Cagali doesn't wear dresses that much in the series. As such she's extremely embarassed when she's forced to put on this getup...I think she looks hot in it though.

She also stumbles in her heels quite a bit...she's probably not used to wearing them. ^_^;

Kira (the hero of this anime series) reaction to seeing Cagali in this getup was a shocked "Wow're a girl!!" Needless to say that didn't go over too big with her.

Just a little bit of Cagali being tied up for the bondage fans. Sadly Athlan the pilot in costume doesn't take off her boots and tickle her feet but she does wriggle around in the ropes quite a bit in the episode.

In the spin off series Athlan and Cagali are in a relationship. This would be a very interesting how I met story to tell their kids. ^_^

I love the above image...Cagali just looked so happy using the ran to wash off the sand from her body. ^_^

When Athlan pointed out she got a hermit crab caught in her shirt she actually flashed him trying to get it off...hence the blush on his part.

Scenes depicting a girl barefoot with her removed footwear totally rock.

The successor series "Gundam Seed Destiny" has a scene that's almost eerily similar to this one. It might be intentional on the creator's part though.

Only Cagali would feel the need to point that out at that moment. ^_^;

Athlan's eyes actually follow Cagali's feet as she walks past. Can't say I blame him though. ;-P

I think this was the best closeup on Cagali's feet in the series. ^_^

Only Athlan would take the time to point that out.*rolls eyes*

You can basically see her blush in embarassment and cover herself up after he said that. ^_^;

Unfortunately her clothes include her boots as well...oh well fun while it lasted. :-D

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Gundam Seed Anime episodes 19 and 24. This post is dedicated to Jinto for suggesting the character)

Yeah guys...I know I might have gone a little overboard with this one. The truth is that I'm pretty fond of this character. ^_^ Cagali is one of those complicated girl that is very hard to categorize. On the one hand she's sort of a tomboy. She's athletic and very vocal with her opinions. On the other hand, she's been raised as a princess so there is sort of a spoiled quality to her too. You can tell that she's always used to having her way which I guess works out for the submissive or laid back types. Cagali's greatest strength is that she is a passionate individual. She always speaks what is in her heart no matter how dangerous it is to do so and she doesn't back down. When she speaks in the series you can tell that what she says comes from her heart. ^_^

In addition to that Cagali a skilled pilot and a good leader. She inspires confidence among the people she leads and usually the people she commands are willing to walk through fire for her. This is one heroine you want in corner. ^_^ An interesting bit of information regarding this character is that in a anime magazine poll, Cagali was voted the most popular Gundam character that fans would like to see in a swimsuit. Mmm...I can definitely understand that. :-D

Just a quick sidenote guys. I basically have all the episodes of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny saved on CD from my days as an anime reviewer so if you guys know about any foot involving Cagali, Lacus or any of the other Gundam Seed Girls...just let me know and I can probably cap them pretty quickly. ^_^

Alright everyone...since it has been awhile and I don't know when I will get the chance to do this again...I going to try for a full summary update tonight.

This Week:
First off just want to apologize for the gap between posts everyone. It's been a really busy week. Sad as it vacation is coming to an end and I am running out of time. ^_^; I still have about a week left so I've been using what little time I have to prepare a couple of big blowout posts before the end of summer (this one included). I'm working on the next one (another blonde bombshell) now too.

In addition to that...I've also been working on a few more story chapters also as a sort of last Harrah before things get really busy again. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few of them later this week. Speaking of, that brings me to the next segment....

A lot of really good stories this week. First off I just want to give a huge thank you to all the authors who have been adding to my Comic book Women's Feet Interactive recently:
Recent Additions include an intense new chapter involving Terra's feet by Windleaf (Orcha), A chapter involving licking Supergirl's feet by M4nd4lor3, a tickling chapter involving Lois Lane's feet by dde2 and 2 hot chapters involving being a Footslave to Poison Ivy by Fresheyedslave. Thanks for adding guys. ^_^ up is the story Aoi Sena's Footslave by the author L
I think most anime foot fans can probably guess which anime scene inspired this. ;-) It's actually a really cool concept and so far the chapters I've read so far have been really good.

Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish 2 by Howdyboy
I seem to be mentioning at least one of Howdyboy's interactives every column these days. The latest chapter of note involves Roxas in a "Toph" situation written by author Breakthewalls (who is currently working on the sequel chapter). I suppose there are worse situations to find yourself in than being forced to explore your foot fetish with the runaway's feet. ;-) In addition to that there's also some chapters involving Suki and Ty Lee's feet and a really promising Alice in Wonderland thread from Howdyboy and Justin Kredible.

Shrunken in Worlds of Warcraft by Gilgamesh
A lot of really awesome additions to this story recently. There was a really hot chapter involving being turned into an Female Gnome Mage's insole by the author J.F. but what really blew me away was a really awesome storyline involving being Shivarra's eternal slave by Posiden. Femdom your heart out. :-D

Coming Up the basic rundown for the upcoming posts guys. I think I'm going to try to aim for one or two (possibly 3) more blondes before skipping ahead to the next series. I'm collecting and capping for the blonde finale set now (another megapost). After that I'm going to move onto a new set of girls. This one I'm once again teaming up with the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and it looks to be really exciting series.

Alright, that basically it for tonight guys. Have a good night everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


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  2. It's about time the Lioness of ORB got some attention on her royal feet. Very nice screen caps.

  3. not bad, you've outdone yourself kingside, what episodes are these from?

  4. Thanks Blackviper. :-) These are from Gundam Seed Episodes 19 and 24. ^_^

  5. Best post on the site :D

    Thanks for the caps just glad it was first the first series didnt like how she went from a tomboy to a crybaby :/ only good thing from GSD is a good character pairing..well i think it good with Cagalli for my fics heh

  6. Thanks Jinto. Yeah I like the pairing of Athlan and Cagali in Destiny too.

    Also a huge fan of Kira and Lacus as well as Mwu and Ramias.

  7. seriously is it possible to not love tomboys?

  8. Nice post. Gundam female pilot feet rock :D, especially if the girl is as cute as Cagali is :D

    Thanks for the shout out as well KSC, I'm working on the squeal chapter as we speak. Also...I know it's a little late but wanna do the odds for this month? I know it's late...and it's a bit obvious who's going to win, but to not do them would be...weird, it you get my point?

  9. Thanks BTW. Yeah Gundam female pilots are awesome. I think it would be really cool to be a footslave for and dominated by this group of girls

    Yeah doing an odds set for this month sounds goes...

    Kairi 1 to 1 I'm trying to remember which girl I would have guessed would win this originally. (Maybe Karin) I knew this Kingdom Hearts hottie would do well though. Now she seems to have a very comfortable lead.

    Karin 3 to 1 This girl is from a popular series. Added onto that she is really cute and has been known to be pretty dominating with her feet.

    Will 6 to 1 She's hot, fun a tomboy and has magic powers. Definitely a winning combination in my book.

    Jean Grey 7 to 1 She is a hot psychic but it will be difficult for her to overtake some of the other girls in this. She's definitely getting some attention though. It is tough because the competition in this poll is so steep.

    Batgirl 7 to 1 Hot superheroine!! Though if she wants to make it to the top of this poll. She'd better get her Bat ropes and start climbing really fast.

    Mayl 9 to 1 She is pretty popular and her navi counterpart has won before though this time her competition is much much steeper. It's going to hard for her to make up a 300 vote deficit.

    Meryl 10 to 1 Wow...Meryl is actually doing a lot better then I thought. I thought she was on the rare end...a nice surprise. Guess you can never count a good soldier out.

    Crimson Viper 15 to 1 This one I'm pretty surprised about. I actually thought she would be a contender for the top spot. She's current, she's in a popular series, she's attractive and she's a badass fighter. Seemed like a KO punch to me.

    Scarlett 20 to 1 I knew Scarlett would have to struggle to win this since her peak popularity period was quite awhile back but she is a hot character. I'm glad there are a few retro fans who remember this G.I. hottie. :-D

    Red Sonja 22 to 1 Another one that I thought would do better than she's been doing. This warrior is awesome though. Dynamite Comics did a fantastic job with her. (And I'm glad to see there are some fans giving her feet some love). She might have taken on the likes of Thulsa Doom, hordes of warrior and made it to hell and back. However, winning this poll at this point is looking even harder for her.

  10. Well im happy and surprised that the Naruto Character isnt winning its nice to see Kairi who i didn't think would have a chance versus a Naruto character :)

    But maybe it because Karin isnt a well known in the series..i haven't watch past ep 52 of the original series so i wouldn't know either

  11. Her feet look so tender and soft. Nice caps there! The only reason I watched show like Gundam were for the girls. :P

  12. Yeah Jinto...Karin only appeared in the new series very recently so she's pretty rare.

    I like Kairi too...she's a great character.

    Thanks Digiharrisom. Yeah Gundam women are definitely very hot!!

  13. great post. Cagalli was pretty much my favorite thing about Gundam Seed.

  14. Thanks Watermaiden. I like her a lot too. :-)

  15. Kairi: 1-1 (Never thought that Kairi could beat a Naruto chick...though, I'm glad to see that she's going to be winning this poll :D)

    Karin: 3-1 (Although she's not the most popular Naruto girl (or so I've been told...), she is the only girl who has a chance (even though said chance is rather small) of beating Kairi.)

    Will: 5-1 (I never knew that the WITCH girls are so popular...then again, she is a tomboy, one is a tomboy, one of the internet's favorite sub-types)

    Batgirl/Barbara Gordon: 6-1 (My personal favorite...though I didn't vote for her (the reason being is that I know for a fact she will have her own bonus sooner or later ;) ) I was glad to see that she's doing pretty decent :D)

    Jean Grey: 9-1 (She doesn't have a chance to be number one but this sexy psychic can take Batgirl's place anytime in the near future!)

    Meryl: 12-1 (I'm surprised she's not doing better, considering how popular the Metal Gear series is.)

    Mayl: 15-1 (She was my fave from her series...but it will take a modern miracle for her to win.)

    Crimson Viper: 17-1 (This new Street Fighter seems to be struggling, despite the fact that she's a villainess....and wears glasses)

    Scarlet: 20-1 (Considering how her show ended quite sometime ago, it's not surprising that she isn't getting a lot of votes. I always thought she was a popular character....not to mention she likes to use scissor holds ;) )

    Red Sonja: 22-1 (I'm surprised she's struggling like this

  16. Great set of odds BTW. O_O I didn't know Scarlet was a scissor user. That's really hot!!!

  17. Actually, I meant to say that Red Sonja was a scissor user ^^;

    Though, I wish that Scarlet was one.

  18. Oh...yeah that would be massively hot. Would love for her to figure four me. ^_^